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Traders Cave Trading Strategy

1. Whatever your float size (money available to trade), I usually divide this amount into 5-10 equal values (eg $20,000 I would have 4 positions of $5,000 each)
If I had $100,000 to invest, I would have 10 positions of $10,000 each
Bottom line DIVERSIFICATION is important to manage RISK


2. I then ride the wave higher over time 3 weeks to 3 months time frame, so though active on a daily basis for the longer term investor this is ideal


3. I analyze and look at the various sectors that are moving higher (banking, gold, tech, etc.) and I choose the best shares in the best sector that have the highest probability of outperforming the market going forward WITHOUT PROBABILITY, WE DON’T EVEN GET TO THE PROFITABILITY PART


4. I always have a STOP-LOSS which is executed on close only (sco) One can always re-enter a position but it is MOST IMPORTANT TO LIMIT YOUR LOSSES


Good Luck and Welcome to TRADERS CAVE
Cindy Meintjes

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