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14mins – Australian Men’s Living Magazine interviews David Hunt… ASX Shares, Forex, Tips, Index Forecasts… “Adviser to the Advisers” !!
3mins – Dan M. PHG member and Financial Planner… what he gets from David.
1 min – Craig from Melbourne runs his DIY ASX Super Fund Management Support.
2mins – PHG experience from Julie, ASX Investor in exotic Astana, Kazakhstan.
2mins – Julie Lee – October 4, 2011 “Stock Market Bottom” David Hunt Rings Bell and goes Bullish at the bottom for US and Australian Stock Markets, on this program…
4mins – PHG morning brief “On the Day” from David Hunt October 5, 2011.
27mins –This interview with David Hunt, 27 September 2011 – his background, methodology, some of the 2011 forecast, plus a Profit Hunter Group member’s path over 6 months starting with A$10,000.
1 min – Marc PHG member, committed to Commodities, Futures S&P Emini Trader.
8mins – David Coe Australian Financial Review newspaper, Stock Market Forecast Anatomy of a Bear Market.



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