2 mins

Introduction by David Hunt

14 mins

Australian Men’s Living Magazine Interviews

ASX Shares, Forex, Tips, Index Forecasts 

3 mins

Dan M. PHG member and Financial Planner

Dan On His Profit Hunters Group Membership

1 min

Craig from Melbourne

Runs his DIY ASX Super Fund Management Support

2 mins  

Profit Hunters Group Experience From Julie

ASX Investor In Exotic Astana, Kazakhstan.

2 mins  

Julie Lee – October 4, 2011 “Stock Market Bottom”

David Hunt Rings The Bell and Goes Bullish At The Bottom For US and Australian Stock Markets On This Program

4 mins

Profit Hunters Group Morning Brief  

David Hunt On the Day October 5, 2011

27 mins

Interview with David Hunt, 27 September 2011 

David Hunt’s Background, Methodology, some of the 2011 Forecast, Plus a Profit Hunters Group Member’s Path Over 6 Months, Starting With AU $10,000.

1 min

Marc – Profit Hunters Group Member

Committed to Commodities, Futures S&P Emini Trader

8 mins

The Late David Coe – Australian Financial Review

Stock Market Forecast Anatomy of a Bear Market.

2 mins

How to Use the Profit Hunters Group Website

Instructional Video by David Hunt

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