The Late Dawn Bolton-Smith

 “Absolutely Brilliant!  You are an inspiration with your ability to read charts.  David, you are out on your own in this business. Great analysis.  I am very proud of you. It is gratifying to do something really worthwhile otherwise those traders would be getting killed.  You are well qualified to teach the masses. I hope you are getting some sleep!”

_ The Late Dawn Bolton Smith – Your Trading Edge Magazine Dawn Bolton-Smith, with a career spanning over 50 years, Matriarch of Technical Analysis in Australia, Pioneer of Trading in Australia & Technical Analysis Expert, was the first Technical Chartist to be employed by the Australian Stock Exchange




Made 1200% profit

Made 1200% profit on my recent Futures trading thanks to you saying the markets going up to x target like 8 days ago...
But that is not the norm

- Francois Rabe

Excellent content and value for money, and the length of breaks was about right.

Hi David,

Thanks for giving up your Sunday to run this.

Excellent content and value for money, and the length of breaks was about right.

I have not used Moving Averages much for a while (because they are a lagging indicator), but there were some ideas there that opened my eyes to other ways they can be used.


Ian J

March 29 2020

It was excellent, you sounded relaxed, informal and as usual offered a thorough willingness to assist and answer any questions.

I just wanted to do a bit of refresher, if I can free up some cash soon, its always good to  get try and get into some stocks which have or are in an eventual process of making multiyear bottoms? I am positive plenty will go to heaven as you would say.

Once my business obligations clear over the coming months, if I get back to the markets (eventually too hard to stay out), I will  contact you again for the PHG.

Thanks again for the message, and thanks for the training refresh on the weekend. It  was excellent, you sounded relaxed, informal and as usual offered a thorough willingness to assist and answer any questions.

Thank for sharing your expert market knowledge, and more importantly teaching it so it is not only understood but can be acted upon.

Jason D 1st April 2020

Hi David
Now that I am trading much more consistently and profitably with the great help of yourself (over many years) and now Cindy – just seeking some advice on this as I want to now improve this aspect of my set up.

As always thank you so much – I enjoy learning so much each and every week from you, it’s so enjoyable and now a large part of my life!



Perth WA, 10:25am 11-Nov-2021

This was a great call! Thanks, David.
It dropped to your 1.64 dip buy exactly then blew away your MT target in a very short time
Price to rebuy and new targets thanks


Hi David, thanks for taking on my son Jayden Brown last night as gold member. I told him Sunday night to join you and Cindy and do exactly what you say. He’s in good hands now.

Oct. 12, 2021

Sam C

Wealth Manager, Sydney NSW

ES (Emini S&P 500)  USA short trade, nice choice for stop placement at 3930, your still in my stop was tighter unfortunately.
Mark W - Cairns QLD

2021/02/11 at 9:50 am

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Hi David,

Wonderful call on Bitcoin SV (BSV)!

Your call to buy BSV above $96 have worked a treat. Now trading at $400! 4 X gains in less than 3 weeks!

Keep up the great work!



Eugene Chai

15 Jan 2020


Morning David and congratulations,
CBA has hit your target of $84.36
and gone a tad higher atm.

What is the next target please and stop loss ST & MT

Thanks Sue

LT Target for past 6 months $84.36


Thursday Jan 16, PHG Member QLD since 2010 9 years

 Cann Group

Hi David, 

I would like to applaud your call on Cann group. 
On Nov 19th, I asked for the best price to get into Cann group. Your response was:

A> wait for the all time low at 45c LT 

On Nov 25th, Cann did just that & closed at 44.5c. Off by 0.5 cents but I forgive you! 

On Dec 30th, I asked for a target and stop loss. You responded:

A> ok look for 1.11 LT   use a stop loss at 35c 

This target was achieved on 14th Jan 2020! 

David, you are on fire! Looking forward to more trades like this in 2020! 




Eugene Chai

15 Jan 2020, Sydney NS

Bought Dacian 46c – now trading $1.49

Up +210+%


Sofie I

October 10 2019, 23 Jul 2019

Abhay S of Sydney NSW says:

Thank you so much ( I wouldn’t have held few of my winners which are offsetting my losers for so long if it was not for you)”
Abhay S

30 September 2019 , 23 Jul 2019

Hi Dave

Some feedback regarding the move to more short term analysis. I’m good with that as that’s usually how I start a trade but they sometimes turn into long-termers.

There is one thing I would like to see that involves the long term. A few years ago when NCM was well above ($15? maybe) your stick it in the draw price of $7. I had a mate working at Cadia mine and he said there was a few good things happening and he was thinking about getting some shares.

I told him you said if it hits $7 buy and forget. He averaged in at around $8 bought a bucket full and still has them. I jumped out as soon as I got a decent profit. With that in mind I do love a bottom pick and if anything pops out
that rings that bell I would be interested.

I’m not asking for a daily feature of the webinars but from time to time if you notice an appropriate level to watch out for it would be appreciated. The smelly fingers trade of the week?


Newcrest made a low at $6.96 in 2013 and now since traded at $34 July 23 2019

Do you know Glenn’s mate?

David would like to speak to him!


23 Jul 2019

Thank you for all that you have taught me – I have enjoyed it all
immensely and learn’t a lot about trading – and now totally understand
that shares do not go up forever.

I have felt very privileged to be a PHG member a – you do an amazing job
– and it must be very demanding on you.

Thank You Very Much

Yours Sincerely

David Sandeman

May 26, 2019

Hi my name is Zoran and I am a Profit Hunter Group member for the past 12 months.

The first time I met David was on the TV show “Your Money Your Call”.

I have been watching the show for a while and although I have listened to a lot of presenters, none stood out more than David.

I don’t know why, but, soon I learned that the more I saw of him, the more I wanted to hear his opinion and advice. Gut feeling, I guess.

Investing advice needs a lot of trust.

David to me was and instant fan. In my eyes, David was the one to help me with my investments and that’s why I decided to join Profit Hunters Group.

David’s dedication and passion for his members is invaluable. David’s knowledge of the market is outstanding and his timing is just amazing.

Here is an example of a couple of my trades:

Botanix BOT.ASX

Bought at 6.9c sold at 15c. Target was 17c. 8 week trade.

Digitalx DCC.ASX

Bought at 8.6 sold at 28c. Target was 27c. 16 day trade.

What did this mean to me? I could not believe what just happened. I was overwhelmed.

I was nervous and cautious of not knowing what to expect. Why didn’t I do this sooner.

Discipline and patience is a must in your investment strategy.

My membership with your Profit Hunters Group over the last 12 months has been a learning experience.

Not knowing what to expect, I was very nervous placing my first trade with you. Your terminology, methods and timing was all new to me.

Patiently, I waited and studied all your posts trying to figure out what is happening.

David’s knowledge of the stock market is just remarkable.

I admire your commitment, dedication and passion for the work that you provide to all your members.

I am honoured and privileged to be a member of the Profit Hunters Group.

Finally, I have made my best investment, that is, becoming a Profit Hunter Group member.

Zoran B

Zoran B.

September 3, 2018

Why Do People Come Back to PHG and David Hunt?

Morning David

Phil Parker from Brisbane here
Mate I cant take this other fellas stock calls anymore. Let me back in please, same 3k 12 months membership and I’d be grateful. I’ll stay in for a while this time too. No more wilderness of stockbrokers out there. If yay, I’ll hit the local CBA and send off transfer today.   I’ve got the details on the table still under the house.

With regards
Phil Parker

Philip C Parker


Hi David

Commonwealth Bank CBA.ASX. LONG. ST MT
Well they say when you pick bottoms, you can end up with shit.
Talk about steering us on the right side of the track.

Thanks for alerting us to this incredible opportunity and giving us the heads up for MONTHS before!

Sharon Leong

Perth WA, July 6 2018

Why Do Former PHG Members Come Back To Profit Hunters Group and David's Advice?


Thanks for the welcome back.

Tried a few different services and they were no good.

You are definitely the best when it comes to TA.

Kevin C Melbourne VIC
5 July 2017

In Volatile Markets....

” Thanks so much for being there as a steadying hand and all the detailed response.”

G.C. Sydney NSW
7 Feb 2018

David Hunt – Air Traffic Controller

You have to do your own work to be a trader.

3 tips that I’ve learnt:

  • Read – and then read more. Slowly and surely, you’ll be absorbing the gems of information you can glean from technical analysis and chartists.
  • Meditate – in whatever way you feel comfortable. Use it to clear your mind of expectations.
  • Subscribe – to 1 or 2 services that you can trust. For me, in Aus, David Hunt is the Air Traffic Controller.

After you do your homework, and as you clear you mind, look to him to give you the green light to go ahead with your trading intuition / plan.  If he smells a bit of danger, he will be flashing red lights the other way. Use him for ideas, or use him for confirmation, or freakin’ BOTH.  Either way, I’d use him.

Cheers David.

Having a month of your Investortrade ASX Report (for myself who works FT), I have done the above, and have made more than I earn in my day job in six weeks.

Will now be looking to a Silver Membership if I want to step up my trading.





Sharon Leong

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Short Term Market Timing

Bank Call after 11am
David called for a fall in the banks after 11am.
The banks were strong and fell hard after 11am.
I will send charts:
Adrian Asling

On 4 May 2018

Crypto Currency Report Testimony

Dear David,
I think your results have been brilliant. 
Questions could help , but your information is very clear.   
I saw that you mentioned you could give some advice on trading sites.  I would find this very helpful.    
Unfortunately, I have missed your latest coup but shall make sure I am ready for the next one.     
I find the Currency Report makes sense of something which was incomprehensible to me without it.
With Respect,
Judy Scotney


G’day Dave!

Just wanted to say massive thanks for your advice on NUH recently!

I was planning to sell out initially at 10c after buying at 6c but after chatting to you I changed my sell order to 13c.

Really appreciate the advice and grateful to take the extra profit!



Friday, 16 March 2018


Thanks very much for your advice last night David, as mentioned I bought at 12250 last night and sold for 13300 this morning, plus I slept well with the stop loss you gave 🙂.
Made a nice profit and still very excited about Bitcoin, it is fun!
Kind regards
Sue B

27 February 2018


Thanks for the update just before David, you are brilliant.
I was just looking at the charts when your post came through thinking it had hit resistance again and I was about to ask if I would keep sitting and waiting at BTCAUD at $11,075 ….. as I have been extremely patient all week!
So just bought in at AUD $12,250, so now need an upside target for this rally please [AUD].
Thanks heaps,
Warm regards
Sue B

26 February 2018


Hi David
Great call hit 8c target

Thank you

Anthony Sylvania NSW

14 Feb 2018

AWC.asx Long ST MT

Prior to asking this question I searched the PHG site and came across your post on the 14 Dec 2017 @$2.30 your answer essentially saying it was completing a 5th wave and target was to MT 2.56.   

Nice call!  It tagged 2.60 at its peak on 15th Jan 2018.

Now down at 2.23 and looking rather oversold.

Looking for a good entry point and ST and MT targets.




I am long this stock and early November you said expect 44 51 and 55 if it broke 39.

Has hit its high at 49. Do you still feel the same or is 48.5/49 showing resistance.


ANNE S Hunter Valley NSW


“Hey David,

I’m really enjoying your INVESTorTRADE reports, and getting lots out of them 🙂


Jacqui C

InvestOrTrade Subscriber, October 5th 2017


Me and my mate call you the Guru because of how many of your calls come within cents of your targets!
So yes, I can see how fundamental guys are trying to market themselves against the technical guys without any logical consideration on whether it works or not.
When it’s time for us to fill out our tax return each year, the tax department doesn’t ask if our loss or gain our was made using fundamentals or technicals.  All that matters is that bottom line.
I really can’t see why some pure fundamental guys get so passionately against technicals.  Like property investors perhaps, they put so much into it they don’t want to believe there is a better way.
Keep up the good work, it’s always educational in more ways than one to watch your appearances, and entertaining to boot!
Doug Thompson



Hi David,

Just made a lovely profit on CBA, bought at $82.18 and sold at $86.

Thanks for your timing advice, I must say I ummed & aahed about holding on this morning, but the volume started going down and your timing is usually so spot on I decided to sell and wait for the next dip to buy again.

Regards Sue

Sue Bock


CBA.asx Long LT

In the ASX webinar you mentioned it could rise for a time and then fall more heavily.

Based on charts and cycles, what is the low likely to be during 2017?

What month do you think this is likely to occur?


Richard Charteris



I have to congratulate your timing on Orange Juice OJ.

It was perfect.


Gary Robertson

Robertson Grains, January 29, 2017


Hi David it’s Greg Mills here….

Just wanted to say thank you for the GOLD/Charting Webinar last week….

I bought PRU at $0.32 cents after it recently bottomed in late December….

The webinar confirmed that I was on track with the trade thus far!… 🙂


Greg Mills

January 23, 2017

GreG Mills <>
4 Feb (1 day ago)

to David

Hi David…Just a quick one…

I stopped myself OUT of PRU at $0.395 cents on Jan 27th!…. (For a 23% profit in a month!)

I’m already out of the stock at higher levels!….


Greg Mills

January 23, 2017


Not a lot of policy talks from Trump until January after he gets his team organised.

Got out of short at right time yesterday and you nailed it going long a few points from the low on the spi.

Well done.


Gary Robbo

Thanks Dave

You make things really easy with yr clear outlook and “forecast”

Love yr work and thankful for it.


Cindy M Perth

November 8 2016


I’ve been trading since the end of 2013. I have tried on my

own but regrettably have been going backwards with my



I have known David Hunt (I call him “The Master”), for a

couple of years now. I attended his chartist seminar on the

Gold Coast last year and again this year. I always learn

something new when I hear him speak and get to meet some

great likeminded people.


So earlier this year I joined David as a PHG Gold member and

it was one of the greatest things I have ever done. Now I only

follow David’s recommendations. I have been able to recoup

my losses and make about $7000 in 3 months.


Thank you so much David. You are truly a unique mastermind

in the share market and I look forward to working with you

for many years to come!

George Oze

Gold Coast




Dawn Bolton-Smith



In the markets David Hunt is a lot like the Muhammed Ali of stocks.

He sits and wiats and strikes when the time optimal.

Young Ali was a genius the best fighter a master strategist.

David Hunt is up there with him.

Rocco Crea

VIC , 29/1/16

David Hunt also advises Grain Growers Farmers and Grain Companies
on Grain Commodities Hedging and Price Forecasts

“ZW Wheat December

Thanks for you help with the swaps.

Worked out well. Made an extra $60 000 on the cash contract.

Now we are coming into harvest (Nov/Dec) and there is plenty of wheat around.

Your pre-emption on Janet’s leanings played out on Friday.

Thank you”

Roderick S

WA, 27 August 5.53pm

Macquarie Group MQG.asx LONG ST

“David, now how did you know, it was only yesterday you were stating it going down???

Obviously, have to give credit to that crystal ball that you have in possession.”


Melbourne , 29 Jan 2016

“All paid – it should be in your bank already as I’m with CBA

Worth every cent ! ”

Samuel C

Senior Investment Adviser, Sydney

XJO.asx…. Short time…..Expiry for options 21/7/16.

“You had a target on the XJO of 5440.

Well we hit it again 🙂 You have done it again.

There can be no doubt you are the charting master….

Great work mate.

Where to now for the XJO>

When should I be selling some calls and using that money to buy some puts?”


Your forecasting of the XJO ASX 200 has been exceptional and
is helping so much setting my monthly positions…

Keep up the great work…



Adelaide South Australia, June 17 2016





Well done, busted through your 1.93 and hit all time high for the Company (2.04).

I sold half at 1.845, however, still made a good profit. Can you advise me when to top up again and possible tgt with SL thanks.

cheers big ears


Mr B

Note: The reason he was long from this post – you may have also seen it on Buy Hold Sell

On Channel 602 Foxtel Sky Business on Thursday 5 June








Many comments from members like these…

Member’s overnight USA trade in Emini

StockBroker’s question to David on August 21, 2012.

Cheers David for your price target for PAN.asx of 38c.

I exited my position and very happy as the stock has been falling down recently.

Cheers Jayden

“I am just happy to follow your PHG trade recommendations,mostly on the ASX.

You do have enough PHG trades to choose from and I always read the
transcript for ASX stocks with your comments to decide if I want to enter a trade.

It is much easier to set stop losses and profit targets with CFD’s as I can calculate and limit possible losses within my comfort zone.”

Have a great weekend,
Ziggy S.
May 21st 2021
Melbourne VIC Australia


–      4 MAY 2012, BUY BREAK ABOVE 79.53 WITH STOPLOSS AT 79.00 AND TARGET 81.88

–      21 MAY 2012, BUY AT 81.05

–      EXIT MAY 30 2012, 82.10

–      28 MAY 2012, BUY AT 81.38 WITH TARGET RAISED

–      RE-ENTRY 29 MAY 2012, BUY AT 82.61, 82.78

–      13 JUNE 2012, BUY BREAK ABOVE 81.55

–      RE-ENTRY 28 JUNE 2012, BUY AT 83.00

–      ANOTHER PROFIT EXIT ON 29 JUNE 2012, AT 82.48

–      LAST TRADE (ENTRY 28TH) EXITED ON 29 JUNE 2012, AT 82.48


DowJones 1/5/12 High

Euro Trade 18/6/12.High

GOLD trade was advised LIVE during webinar on 21/6/12

Member Comment


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