• 27/3/2014

For those following it we took profit at 122.20 on our magic Lean Hogs PHGtrade last night HEJ4 buy 12/2/14 @ 94.34


  • As you are all probably heard from me for the past 7 or 8 weeks I have taken a dim view of the Commodity Futures Gold.

In US trading on the 20th of November it confirmed my theories.

Granted we had a great run (PHGTrade) in Oceana Gold (OGC.asx) of 25% plus up from late October- but it was different to the other gold stocks.

  • Take the Gold Chart Below…

At my October 9 2013 address to the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) Annual Conference in San Francisco in I was saying that Gold needed to go lower.

It has and yet Janet Yellen has said …..

She will continue to man the pump primed by the prime pumper Ben Bernanke. Something is definitely not quite adding up in this state of affairs.

  • Last night on Sky Business Channel 602 I wanted to show you what I think is a leading indicator of monetary juicing! Sadly they could not put up the chart I wanted. So here it is…

  • OFX.asx Long MTPosted on March 4, 2014 by David Hunt

    Q> I feel you are one of the most insightful minds on Fox Business channel and really enjoy hearing about your views. If you have time, I’d love your insights into the following shares I own:

    1. OzForex (OFX) Buy or Sell, entry/exit points would be great if you have the time.

    A> in the profit hunters group what we do is ask questions in the following format:

    OFX.asx long LT MT

    so what I will do is reformat your question in the PHG format.

    LT = investors timeframe

    MT =  intermediate timeframe

    we specify the timeframe as many members are self manage super funds who want to use and investors timeframe. We also specify the timeframe for ST for short-term traders as we have many active traders and advisers advising other people in what to buy and sell.

    And so that we can easily search for different stocks in the group we use OFx.ASX with the suffix of.ASX so it’s easily searchable on the 3 digit code

    Currently we have an SAP ( stranger attractor point)  at $3.60 for OFX.ASX.

    I had thought we might get a better pullback in OFX.asx and then just down $.40 after the fairly over exposed 5float.

    The short-term target is at $3.44

    The current stop loss if long ST is $3.20 and LT MT  is $2.96

    The trend is up so you can buy dips to $3.25

    Dream target if 3.60 is target out is 3.74


  • BLY.asx Boart Long Year ST LT

Posted on January 9, 2014 by David Hunt

Q> I’ve been trading this stock a lot recently. I am a fan of its volatility and my strategy seems to be working well.

Only 12 months ago BLY was trading at $2 per share. Its currently sitting at 0.465 -0.005 (-1.06%) Delayed: 2:50PM EST. Also five years ago it was trading at a massive $40 per share.

From what I’ve read, at less than 50cents a share they are trading at less than half their assets value alone.

So what do you reckon, buy & hold? Or keep trading? Look forward to any feedback and opinions.


A> Jules,

Yes I certainly do and for much of the past 3 years I have been negative on Sky Business about it. Things are changing – I hope that includes the senior management as what they have been doing by share recaps has just been to mask their own failings in terms of share growth. Because of the AFSL licencing I have to put the comments I do give in a less public arena.

So I will post my comments to my Group but make it open for you to see. – At least disclaimers and warnings are possible there too. Bear in mind you have not asked a time frame – we divide in the PHG group into ST MT LT. From your question you have a ST bent.

yes, boart long year BLY.asx has been a short-term traders paradise such as yourself.

This is been because if you were long term investor you are basically stuffed

Investors Time frame:

the trend is down and overhead resistance is to 59 c to $.61.

Clearing clearly above  $.62 on a weekly} this is a good thing


GREAT NEWS!  there is, a few months of reprieve for the long suffering  investor

but sadly for you that makes your trading all the more difficult as a short term trader

Traders Timeframe

I can quite clearly see a return down towards the $.35 or $.36 MT. Buy down there with a 29 c stop

If you are looking to buy down there as an investor or medium-term holder your target becomes $.55

so in the medium term and short term we have a little bit of a mixed signal if you are long. Shorter term have your stop at $.41 stop close only

I would love to hear your comments, please feel free to  to make them in the comment section


  • OGY.asx

Posted on November 22, 2013 by David Hunt

OGY-2013-11-21-ogyQ> Couple of smaller gas / oil companies to look at

OGY.asx Long ST MT

Tied up with SXY and getting oil hits.

A> LT its probably done enough on this months high ie todays high at 3.4c

A break below 22c should see 1-1.2c – use a stop there if buying

MT support is 2.3c

ST support is 2.8c




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