Example Post by David Hunt to his PHG Members

Profit Hunters Group Post 27/3/2014

For those following it we took profit at 122.20 on our magic Lean Hogs PHG Trade last night HEJ4 buy 12/2/14 @ 94.34


As you are all probably heard from me for the past 7 or 8 weeks I have taken a dim view of the Commodity Futures Gold.

In US trading on the 20th of November it confirmed my theories.

Granted we had a great run (PHGTrade) in Oceana Gold (OGC.asx) of 25% plus up from late October- but it was different to the other gold stocks.

  • Take the Gold Chart Below…

At my October 9 2013 address to the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) Annual Conference in San Francisco in I was saying that Gold needed to go lower.

It has and yet Janet Yellen has said …..

She will continue to man the pump primed by the prime pumper Ben Bernanke. Something is definitely not quite adding up in this state of affairs.

Last night on Sky Business Channel 602 I wanted to show you what I think is a leading indicator of monetary juicing! Sadly they could not put up the chart I wanted. So here it is…

Example PHG Gold Member Post - How To Ask A Question

EXAMPLE: OFX.asx Long MT Posted on March 4, 2014 by David Hunt

Q> I feel you are one of the most insightful minds on Fox Business channel and really enjoy hearing about your views. If you have time, I’d love your insights into the following shares I own.

OzForex (OFX) Buy or Sell, entry/exit points would be great if you have the time.


  • In the profit hunters group we ask questions in the following format: OFX.ASX long LT MT
  • So what I will do is reformat PHG members question in the PHG format.

  LT = Long-Term Investors timeframe

  MT =  Medium Term Intermediate timeframe

  • We specify the timeframe because many members are self managed super funds who want to use the timeframe LT for long-term, investors timeframe.  We also specify the timeframe ST for short-term traders because we have many active day traders and advisers advising other people in what to buy and sell.
  • And so that we can easily search for different stocks in the group we use OFX.ASX with the suffix of .ASX so it’s easily searchable on the 3 digit code.
  • See my answer below and notice the formatting…

A> Currently we have an SAP ( Stranger Attractor Point)  at $3.60 for OFX.ASX.

I had thought we might get a better pullback in OFX.ASX and then just down $.40 after the fairly over exposed 5float.

The short-term target is at $3.44

The current stop loss if long ST is $3.20 and LT MT  is $2.96

The trend is up so you can buy dips to $3.25

Dream target if 3.60 is target out is 3.74

Sample PHG Gold Member Short Question & David's Answer


Q> Couple of smaller gas / oil companies to look at OGY.asx Long ST MT

Tied up with SXY and getting oil hits.

A> LT its probably done enough on this months high i.e. Todays high at 3.4c

A break below 22c should see 1-1.2c – use a stop there if buying

MT support is 2.3c

ST support is 2.8c


Sample PHG Gold Member Long Question & David's Answer
  • BLY.asx Boart Long Year ST LT

Posted on January 9, 2014 by David Hunt

Q> I’ve been trading this stock a lot recently. I am a fan of its volatility and my strategy seems to be working well.

Only 12 months ago BLY was trading at $2 per share.  It’s currently sitting at 0.465 -0.005 (-1.06%) Delayed: 2:50PM EST. Also five years ago it was trading at a massive $40 per share.

From what I’ve read, at less than 50 cents a share they are trading at less than half their assets value alone.

So what do you reckon, buy & hold? Or keep trading? Look forward to any feedback and opinions.

Anon PHG Gold Member

A>  Yes I certainly do and for much of the past 3 years I have been negative on Sky Business about it.  Things are changing – I hope that includes the senior management as what they have been doing by share recaps has just been to mask their own failings in terms of share growth. Because of the AFSL licencing, I have to put the comments I do give in a less public arena.

So I will post my comments to my Group but make it open for you to see. – At least disclaimers and warnings are possible there too.  Bear in mind you have not asked a time frame – in the PHG group we divide into ST MT LT.  From your question you have a ST bent.

Yes, Boart Long Year BLY.ASX has been a short-term traders paradise such as yourself.

This has been because if you were a long term investor you are basically stuffed.

Investors Time frame:  The trend is down and overhead resistance is to 59 c to $.61.

Clearing clearly above  $.62 on a weekly} this is a good thing


GREAT NEWS!  There is, a few months of reprieve for the long suffering investor but sadly for you, that makes your trading all the more difficult as a short term trader.

Traders Timeframe:  I can quite clearly see a return down towards the $.35 or $.36 MT. Buy down there with a 29 c stop.

If you are looking to buy down there as an investor or medium-term holder your target becomes $.55.

So in the medium term and short term we have a little bit of a mixed signal if you are long.  Shorter term have your stop at $.41 stop close only.

I would love to hear your comments, please feel free to make them in the comment section.


Sample Australian Shares Report INVESTORTRADE ASX

ASX Webinar Video Recording – Transcript – Charts

Incorporating The Australian Shares Report ASX



If you are a new subscriber – Welcome!

The initial upload is an unedited, automatic, computer generated transcript of the morning Webinar.  It is published as soon as possible after the live forecast so you can log in and access the information fast if you need to.

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  • Traders Timeframe:  1 or 2 Days to a Week

Suitable for:   Those who seek to profit from price fluctuations in the shorter term rather than wait for medium or big swings and moves in the market over a longer period of time.

Common Terms & Symbols to Watch For!

BANK THE CASH – Take profits.

BACK ON YOUR BIKE – BOYB  Re-entry of a previously held position.  Market confirms its reversing and getting back with its trend. If you’ve been stopped out, consider getting back in.

BARGAIN BASEMENT BUYS – BBB  Usually long-term.


BEAR PAWS – The BP List is an early warning indicating that everyone (except PHG members) will be wanting to buy it, but you have to wait for the trend change, it needs to show signs of weakness to confirm a decline. Watch for signs of death (SOD)

BULLHORNS – The BH List is an early warning indicating that everyone (except PHG members) will be wanting to sell it, but you have to wait for the trend change, it needs to show signs of strength to confirm a rally. Watch for signs of life (SOL)

Close Your Eyes Buy – CYEB  A buying opportunity, where the stock/market  is looking very strong and going higher and where there does not appear to be a dip to buy into.

Close Your Eyes Sell – CYES  A selling opportunity, where the stock/market  is looking very weak and going lower and where there does not appear to be a rally to sell into.

DAGGER CATCH – Buying a share that has come down fast to a logical support area, with a favourable probability that it will move up from there. Normally only a small position is taken on these.

DEAD CAT BOUNCE – A short term rally which will result in a further decline.


DEEP POCKETS TRADE – A trade for those who are prepared for a bigger stop loss. i.e. Big Stop Loss required.  You need lots of money and not a care, often associated with an entry to Medium to Long term positions.

GET OUT OF GAOL (JAIL) CARD – GOOGC  What this means is if you are stuck in a share with your entry price badly underwater (i.e. losing after not having used your stop loss) then if it rallies to the GOOGC level, you sell some at that level and if it rejects that level strongly then exit all at market.


SNEAKY BUY – One that everyone else is giving up on that still has value.

TERMINOLOGY – David Speak!

Please Refer to the following link for a comprehensive list of the common terms and phrases David uses throughout the report.   https://profithunters.com.au/faqs/terminology/

 Welcome to the ASX Webinar 

Monday 12th November 2018

Incorporating The Australian Shares Report ASX


WARNING: This is an automatic computer generated transcript of today’s Speed Webinar. The computer makes some mistakes in its translation and therefore this is NOT 100% accurate. Use as a Quick Reference Guide Only and double check your understanding against your own analysis. Consult your broker or financial adviser before making any investment or trading decisions.

NOTE! Video Quality gets better over time – it’s the way the software works – it will not be crystal clear until about an hour after saving. Please let us know if there are issues with the Video.


We have short-term bear paws warnings in the following Australian shares:

  • GPT.ASX General Property Trust
  • NWS.ASX News Corp

News Corp is on bear paws warnings. Volume was not sensational, so it should have problems up to as high as $20.50.

We see on the weekly chart that it actually landed on the right retracement and it’s not enough in my opinion because volume does not back up.

  • ORI.ASX Orica
  • QAN.ASX Qantas

Now Qantas on the intermediate timeframe has hit something on the rally that also hit something on the downside.
Currently the rally lacks the volume, so we would expect it to go lower down to $4.66 or $4.10 or even $3.27.

So I think this bear paws warning is valid and you might even want to short with a stop-loss above $6.

  • WBC.ASX Westpac
  • WOW.ASX Woolworths

We can see on the weekly charts that Woolworths had a good start the previous week and so it probably peters out somewhere just above $30.

If it can get some momentum, expect $31.81.

Traders Timeframe: $29.78 looks like the area that if you were long and you wanted to take some profit you would do so.

A decline probably should come back down to about $28.45.


We have short-term bullhorn’s warnings in the following Australian shares:

JHX.ASX James Hardie

STO.ASX Santos

Energy prices are falling so hard that Santos is simply not trustworthy in terms of a short-term bullhorn warning. And speaking of untrustworthy, Goldman Sachs is telling us that Crude Oil and Energy prices are going to the moon and that there is a huge lack of supply.

I think there’s a large lie in that Goldman Sachs.


Warning – not so reliable today…


Next DC we see it jumping around.  It should have gone down at $5.59.

I believe it pays a good dividend and at the moment if it clears through $6.40 get excited in the medium to longer term.

Your stop-loss would be below $6 if you are buying it.

And on the traders timeframe it also needs a break through $6.42.  Let’s buy this with a stop-loss below $6 or buy dips down to $6.13.


XAO.ASX All Ordinaries Index

The All Ordinaries banged into the fat controller and the fat controller basically says look for 5916 on the downside.

Supporting my theory that I gave on Friday is the fact that the US market fell over a bit, so today will struggle a bit.


You will notice that seasonally it does like to, on the ASX, drop down a little bit further until around about 23rd November, so it’s not surprising that it may just peel back down towards 5800 even.

XFJ.ASX Financials Index

Now here’s Ripley’s believe it or not.

The Financials are actually stronger than the entire index!

This is because they are cheap and laden with dividends and they only copped smacks in the head of $300 million per bank, which when you’re doing $7 or $8 billion with a profit every year is not all that much.  Was it every year or is it every 6 months?

Whatever it is, they make a ship load of money and $300 million is a drop in the ocean.


Investors Timeframe:– ANZ there is no change the analysis on investors timeframe other than to note that it breaks up nicely above $29 and shifts gear up.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the intermediate timeframe we see $27.71 as the target area.

Getting above $28 puts a smile on the dial.

If you are long, have a stop-loss below $25.85 adjusted for dividends.

And I guess the adjusted dividend would be about $1.20 off price.

And undoubtedly there is a shadow lending market of non big 4 banks.

Traders Timeframe:–  Jason is saying that he is short ANZ.

Stop-loss I would employ, as I just said, would be above $28 because that’s where it breaks out, or above $27.60.

Where I’d be taking profit if I were short, I’d take the profit back at $26.42 and $26.15 and you would adjust for dividends as I said before, by some $1.20.

CBA.ASX Commonwealth Bank

Investors Timeframe:– On CBA the balance of power has started to simply break up, is on a break up above $72 then we looking for $75.49.

Currently if you are long CBA, have a stop-loss below $67.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the weekly charts we see $71.60 as the next target area if it can pop it’s head above $71 and currently use a stop-loss below $67.72

Traders Timeframe:– Have a stop-loss below $69.45 if you are long CBA.

On the traders timeframe volume is reasonably good and it is the preferred bank because it’s not going ex dividend it’s going to start to build dividend payments to customers.

NAB.ASX National Australia Bank

Intermediate Timeframe:– I have really nothing to add on the intermediate timeframe and monthly charts.

Traders Timeframe:– Now the traders timeframe is a little bit confused.  We would normally expect it to probably breakdown below $24.63 and head lower as they sell out of NAB and buy into the CBA.

WBC.ASX Westpac

Westpac is going ex dividend tomorrow to the tune of $0.94 which gives you probably $1.25 that you shade your orders by.

Investors Timeframe:– Now I’ll be doing orders according to the price that I see.  At the moment it’s rallied back into an unfortunate resistance point and really I’d like to see it get above $28.50.

Intermediate Timeframe:–  On the intermediate timeframe it normally has some weakness until 23rd November and even middle of December.

You can see that on the weekly’s it’s hit resistance of all those lows, so it really needs to close through $27.90.  So that would be a stop-loss if you are shorting it Jason, your buy back area would be around about $26.72.

Traders Timeframe:– On the traders timeframe we see a bit of Doji of confusion, we also see that it could go down to $27 and still start up again.

So shorts put on should be short lived.

XMJ.ASX Materials Index

Chinese Iron Ore is still doing very well in terms of price action.  It is exceeding my expectations.

Generally at this time of year it’s a little bit under the weather in terms of the Materials index, so we might expect a pullback down to towards as low as 11,417.

It’s going to be hard to see big collapses while Iron Ore prices are doing so well.


Now BHP in the US fell down a little bit overnight and it possibly is due to a currency retracement by the Aussie dollar against the US.

Investors Timeframe:–  It’s in an expanding triangle so it could go anywhere.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the weekly charts normally drops down into mid December and has a low 23rd of November as well, so we don’t want to rush out and buy, it’s hard to short.


Traders Timeframe:– On the traders timeframe it really has not known what to do with itself.

If it gets above $34 then that’s fantastic and a pullback down to $32.63 would be normal.

RIO.ASX Rio Tinto

Investors Timeframe:–  Rio is breaking up on the monthly charts, it’s reached a bit of resistance area, it’s done kind of what we thought it should and if it pushes through $83 again it is very good.

Intermediate Timeframe:-A break up on the weekly chart would suggest $85.16 and $87.94.

Traders Timeframe:– On the traders timeframe we’ve seen a dip and a bit of volume decline, so it’s back on the old top.

So if you wanted to buy this, you’d buy a break above $81.90 with a stop-loss below $80.87 and look for $85.16.

FMG.ASX Fortescue Metals

Investors Timeframe:– On the investors timeframe we see a bit of break up in Fortescue.

We can look for $4.49, we pray and hope it gets above $4.66.

Intermediate Timeframe:– The weekly charts really require it to get a close above $4.30 which would be encouraging.

At the moment I wouldn’t rule out a pullback down to $3.99 or $4.

Have a stop-loss below $3.93, that’s where our PHG Trade should now be taken to.

Traders Timeframe:–  If you feel like taking some profit it’s kind of okay, but I’d prefer a stop-loss at $4.15 if you feel the urge to take some profit and you would buy back in around $4.06.

XEJ.ASX Energies Index




I still don’t like the Energies index.


FAR.ASX Far Limited

Investors Timeframe:-Far nearly got to $0.14 which was our target area and then it just got booted far down.

This would project it down towards the base at 6.3 cents.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the intermediate timeframe we can see that it has had a death rattle week and broken so much support on big volume that it’s ridiculous.

You could hope that it rallies back up to $0.10 to get out of gaol, but I find that unlikely.



Normally at this time of year it does have a bit of a breakdown and comes good again mid December.

Traders Timeframe:-Currently the price action would be indicating it’s going to be confused and chant sideways and then drop again.


CVN.ASX Carnarvon Petroleum

Investors Timeframe:– This is forming some sort of contraction pattern which may be based, may not.

At the moment it’s not very clear, but I would say above $0.40, start to look for $0.48 and have a stop-loss below $0.30.

Intermediate Timeframe:–  On the intermediate timeframe buy a break above $0.41 with a stop-loss below $0.30 targeting just under $0.60.

Traders Timeframe:– Buy a break above $0.39 with a stop-loss below $0.36 targeting $0.42.


HE8.ASX Helios

Investors Timeframe: This is still very healthy and may go as high as $0.30.

Have your stop-loss now below $0.10.

Intermediate Timeframe: A good idea to pick this up would be around about 13.5 cents medium-term and 14.5 cents short-term, with a stop-loss below $0.11.

Traders Timeframe: Buy a break above $0.16 looking for $0.18 with a stop-loss below $0.15.


XGD.ASX Gold Index

The US Gold price is clearly showing my theory’s are correct that it is going to new lows.

But their it swing factor is the Aussie dollar US dollar exchange rate which improved for the Gold stocks, so we don’t see them down.

There is no trend up, but the general drift is up on the monthly charts.

EVN.ASX Evolution

Investors Timeframe:– Stuck in the middle doing nothing for some time.

May go down to $2.50 then that’s a buy.

A break above $3.25 shows $3.50.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the weekly charts we see it flagging slightly, so buy a break above $3.17, stop-loss below $2.95 or wait for dips to $2.87 with a stop-loss below $2.76.

Traders Timeframe:– On the traders timeframe we need a break up above $3.12 and a stop-loss below $2.95.

RRL.ASX Regis Resources

Investors Timeframe:– Buy a break above $4.65 with a stop-loss below $3.66.

The general drift is up even though there is no trend.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the weekly timeframe we can see that it is flagging a little bit.  Seasonally it still is weak until mid-December so don’t get too excited.

Maybe buy a close above $4.50 if you like this, with a stop-loss below $4.10.

Traders Timeframe:– On the traders timeframe it’s flatlining.  It should start to do something, what it’s going to do I don’t know what.

Buy a break above $4.40 or sell a breakdown below $4.15.

XHJ.ASX Healthcare Index

The Healthcare index found itself into some support on the longer term and the resistance is 31,000 now.

In theory I think we should see it up towards there as long as it doesn’t break 27,000.

BAL.ASX Bellamys

Investors Timeframe:– I saw Bellamy’s is doing apple juice and it’s organic produce like everything else.  So obviously they are splintering their focus and that means it probably goes lower.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the intermediate timeframe if it can get the gumption to get above $9.15 then buy $11.07, or wait until it normally bottoms in middle of January.

Traders Timeframe:– Needs to break and close above $8.52 or leave it alone.

XPJ.ASX Property Index

Even though Auction rates are low, properties are selling and in Melbourne at least mainland Chinese buyers were back in full force at Auctions they have been keeping their hands off it and not getting involved, but now the prices are down low enough where they are stepping in and they the only ones that can afford to buy it because they have got the cash to buy….yes it is cash.

So we see the Property index getting above the fat controller which is a good signal and this probably should return to 1475.

MGR.ASX Mirvac

Investors Timeframe:– On the monthly charts looking for $2.28 on the top side.  It has recovered after a bit of a shock probably do the rest of the market itself and we should think about it going towards $2.33.

Intermediate Timeframe:– Mirvac is is breaking out looking for $2.28 on the weekly charts stop-loss should be about $2.15.


Traders Timeframe:– Mirvac is on I think bear paws warnings.

And the best thing I can say is a close above $2.24 is good.

If you get a pullback down towards $2.14 that would be an area to buy into with a stop-loss below $2.

If you buy the breakout stop-loss would be $2.16.

REA.ASX Realestate.com

Investors Timeframe:– REA.ASX has done virtually what I said it should by playing in its range.  I’d like to think that it’s probably just going to keep in that range for a while.

If it breaks $71 then it’s in trouble and it’s wonderful if it breaks $94 .

Intermediate Timeframe:– As you can see it’s bumped into the fat controller, probably comes back down to $75.51.

A break above $82 is a good thing.

Traders Timeframe:– The traders timeframe gives us a little bit of a distant perspective, it’s in a triangle at present but the days not finished.

So we should see support materialise somewhere down towards $70.40, so buy there with a stop-loss below $75 or you would buy a break above yesterday’s high above $81.70.

XTJ.ASX Telecoms Index

Telecoms index is hanging in there a bit on the daily charts.

Above 1150 starts to be good, at least it’s not breaking down.

At the moment we are seeing this do sideways movement above 1150 and I like this.

TLS.ASX Telstra

Investors Timeframe: Buy a break above $3.30 looking for $3.82.

Your stop-loss would be below $3.

Intermediate Timeframe: Buy a break above $3.16 with a stop-loss below $2.99 and this week is the time that it starts up and gets stronger from.

This is a flag and pattern is corrective in terms of volume and price action.

We see a target at $3.66 and $3.81 and possibly $0.05.

Traders Timeframe: Buy a break above $3.11 with stop-loss below $3 or wait.

XSO.ASX  Small Ordinaries Index

Small Ordinaries has run into the fat controller and needs a close above 2700 to continue it’s ascent, if you are long stop-loss is below 2640.

KDR.ASX Kidman Resources

Investors Timeframe:– We have been hoping for $1.85 but recognise the fact that resistance is up to $1.73.  We also thought that it might get down to $1.30 which is still feasible or even $1.12.

I’d love this if it closed above $2.

Intermediate Timeframe:–  Basically $1.30 is also the zone to buy into with a stop-loss below $1.24.

Traders Timeframe:– $1.36 is the zone.

If you want to pick up some now Cindy it’s in the next $0.01 or $0.02, with a stop-loss below $1.29 and target $1.45 and $1.

LYC Lynas

Investors Timeframe:–  A nice bit of volume went into Lynas last month and it’s starting to break up.

If you like this, have a stop-loss below $1.80 and look for $4.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the intermediate timeframe we think about $2.50, $3.

Currently breaking up nicely and having a stop-loss at $1.96 makes sense.

Traders Timeframe:– On the traders timeframe have a stop-loss at $2.15.  You will find a bit of resistance coming in at $2.09 to take some profit there.

MFG.ASX Magellan

Investors Timeframe:– MFG.ASX Magellan is just doing what it normally does and has been really just grovelling around above $20 for the past 3 or 4 years.

It needs a stop-loss on a closing price basis below $24.

Intermediate Timeframe:– On the intermediate timeframe it’s had a bit of a drop, volume is still not good.

So a close above $28 would inspire it higher and a close above $30 is even better.

Currently if long, stop is at $26.

Traders Timeframe:– Buy a break above $27.56, targeting $28.32.

ORE.ASX Orocobre

Traders Timeframe: A bit of a double top, so we might think about it coming a bit lower in the first instance down towards $4.01, but mainly down to $3.50 again.

Intermediate Timeframe: This is on the wedgies.

So if it breaks above $4.70, it becomes a buy, with a stop-loss below $3.93 hoping towards $6.

Investors Timeframe: A break above $4.75 suggests $5.25, however, above $5.63 and we suggest higher to the moon.

Currently volume doesn’t agree with it breaking higher and going faster, but if it does get through that barrier, then all is good.


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Trading derivatives can be risky; losses can exceed your initial deposit.

Derivative trading may not be suitable for everyone, you should fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice.

Adest, Alpha Securities, its associates, officers or employees may also have interests in the financial products referred to in this information by acting in various roles.

They may buy or sell the financial products as principal or agent and as such may effect transactions which are not consistent with any recommendations (if any in this information).

Alpha Securities or its associates may also receive fees or brokerage for acting in the above capacities.

Consult a licenced investment adviser before making investment decisions.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

There is a risk of loss in trading as well as potential for profit.

You understand that you have to do your own research once you have learned
these methods on your own markets.

Alpha Securities Pty Ltd (Alpha Securities) (AFSL No 330757) address is
Level 2 22 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000.

ADEST makes no guarantee about how you will perform using these methods or advice.

Before making an investment or trading decision based on any methodology, the investor or trader, should decide with or without Professional Advice whether trading meets your investment objective and suits you psychologically, emotionally and financially.

Trading & investing in any instrument i.e. shares, CFDs, foreign exchange, futures, commodities & options, have a risk of loss that if left open by market closure or lack of proper protective stop losses could result in a loss of all of your capital or more.

Traders and investors are responsible for their own decisions and outcomes.

Trading in any market financial or otherwise is a highly risky exercise and is not suitable for all people.

Trading may not suit you.

By visiting this site, or attending the Seminars, or Webinars, or reading the Reports you accept responsibility for your own trading outcomes and agree to research and test any trading method you learn before making any trading decisions or committing risk capital.



You also agree to read the Product Disclosure Statements issued by your advisor, broker or market maker before trading and consult them as to the appropriateness of trading for you.

You also indemnify ADEST and their agents from any losses or consequential damage you may incur from using these methods.


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