David Hunt performs live technical analysis on the 5 Major Market Groups for his Profit Hunters Group members almost every day.

World Indices & Shares, US Indices & Shares, Commodities, Forex, Australian Indices & Shares and Crypto Currencies.

This page is intended to give you a sneak preview of the type of continuous communications that Profit Hunters Group members receive every day to assist them with their investing & trading as well as David’s regular Weekly, Fortnightly and Annual Market Forecast Webinars..

Here is David Hunt’s 2012 Dow Jones Forecast vs Actual.

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The first chart is what I said would happen in 2012  (1 year in advance), on live television & radio appearances, as well as for all of the Profit Hunters Group members on this private website. 

The second chart is exactly what happened…

Useful isn’t it ?

I help guide my Profit Hunters Group members to recognise when it is actually working to forecast and When it is not !! 

And Here is David Hunt’s 2013 Dow Jones Forecast vs Actual


Historical Examples of What David Hunt Does For His Profit Hunters Group…

Below are examples showing some formats of different POST communications from David, that happen in addition to the video recordings of the morning webinars.

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  • Member’s Comment… Don P.

  • UPL.nyse Ultra Petroleum Exit Price Request – 22/8/12

  • FOREX Currency Pair EURO USD Short Term SELL Trade – 16/7/12

Note: This was actual/real time trade management, of another of David Hunt’s trades

  • This is the Sequence of Events Taken From Speed Webinars, Transcripts and Post Messages to Profit Hunters Group Members…

2 July 2012,  I said “Profit Hunter Group Trade Sell EuroUSD Now currently trading at 1.2584 with stop loss at 1.2800 and a target of 1.2460″

3 July 2012, “We got short yesterday and is now very clear we are in a fourth wave triangle and our stop loss should be lowered to 1.2700”

4 July 2012, “Lower stoploss to 1.2620 or exit with a quick little profit we don’t wanna get kicked if it does kick again. This is in a triangle so we should be looking to buying dips in selling rallies with a bias to selling rallies because the triangle should take it lower eventually”

5 July 2012, “Lower stop to 1.2585 and take profit on 1/3 of position”

6 July 2012 “Stop move down to 1.2485”

9 July 2012, “Can now reduce that stop loss to 1.2400”

11 July 2012, “We lower our stop loss now down to 1.2380 This has been a beautiful trade yet again”

12 July 2012, Update: “Bank 1/3 of Outstanding Short Position EURUSD is now forming a Short Term reversal pattern So take profit on 1/3 of your position now lower stop on the balance to 1.2275″

13 July 2012, “We can now lower our stop losses down to 1.2250”

16 July 2012, Here is the transcript from yesterday’s EURUSD”

EURUSD  “We have fully taken profit on our Profit Hunter Group trade and we have exited at 1.2190 on the short euro long US dollar trade from 4 July at 1.2451 point”

  • FOREX Currency Pair AUDUSD Clearly Identified – 6/02/12

  • Posting for Significant HIGH Australian XJO Index & SPI Futures Contract  18/02/11

  • Post Message Re Specific Aussie Stock With Related Chart

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