Profit Hunters Group Traders Green Room

Private One on One Coaching by David Hunt

David Hunt’s Profit Hunters Group Traders Green Room 

This is an Elite Service for Sophisticated Traders and Investors and Professional Advisors, Funds Managers and Brokers only and is not suitable for everyone.

You will need to make an application and have an interview with David to determine if you will be a good fit for this service.

Applicants will be required to obtain an accountant’s verification that they qualify.

Successful applicants will have direct access to David Hunt’s personal mobile phone number and will be able to call David at any time to ask questions about their positions across all Market Sectors including but not restricted to…

World Indices & Stock Markets, International Shares, Forex & Commodities, Australian Indices & Shares ASX, Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies.

  • Private One on One Coaching
  • Learn in-depth stock market skills and trading techniques
  • Ask David Hunt questions about your own Shares, Forex Pairs, Stocks Futures, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
  • Includes full Bronze, Gold and Platinum Membership Benefits

David Hunt will support you and “Hold Your Hand” as you trade and invest every day.

TRADERS GREEN ROOM Membership includes…

Full Bronze Membership Value $3,000 + pa

Full Gold Membership Value $7,000 + pa

Full Platinum Membership Value $15,000 + pa 

Traders Green Room

Only 2 Places at any one time.

Email David directly and he will personally reply to arrange an interview.

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