The Great Investors ASX Chart BookWith help from my Crash Test Dummy Brian with over 10 years of using my various market services- thank you Brian!….

The First Ediction (aha I love it Edition) is out now for you to read. It all started with an email questions to past subscribers about what they wanted in a new service:


Hello David,
I assume that this is a generic email but I will tell you what I would like to see.
I have taken a trial in the past to one of your premium services.
For me it was like going to a fine dinning restaurant, paying for 3 courses and only eating the entrée.
I am not interested in intraday, daily charts, futures or options.
I am mainly interested in super asset allocation based on weekly/monthly charts – medium to long term.
I don’t particularly need individual shares. (a bonus)
My industry super fund allows me to choose from international shares, Australian shares, bonds and cash; for any percentage.
I am able to switch for a small fee so several changes a year is not a problem.
I would like to see a fortnightly letter with interim updates when necessary.
The letter (short) would explain the current allocation and a view to the future.
It could look like this:
International shares (mostly US)  50%
Australian shares 50%
Cash 0%
It could include bonds, different percentages – just has to add to 100%.
I currently subscribe to one newsletter –
It is Ok but I am sure you could do better – hopefully priced with the small balance investor.
As it is longer term, the subscription would be for 6 months with a discount for 1 year and a special deal for 2 years (or whatever).
I have taken enough of your holidays.
Thanks for the consideration.
(I live on the Sunshine Coast)
How are you?

I hope you had a fantastic year last year as we came out of  the mists of the past 3 years

And Now I am Ready to Launch a very Similar Product to what Brian asked for.


It is often said” “people who love their work and/or are the Owners rarely give themselves a lot of time for self reflection, so forgive me if this sounds strange and the question will come for you are a little bit later on

Certainly, for me it is a big thing for me to actually settle back and enjoy having a holiday paid for by my trading in one market most people would seem to have ignored, instead of feeling I had to keep a store for:

  • paying school fees,
  • legal and compliance costs
  •  education
  • Rainy days
  • house costs
  •  interest rates
  •  Day to day living in general, other stuff that seems to drain cost of living, et cetera

Yes, I’m going on holidays for a few weeks now, just to reward myself!
And… not because I particularly need it. I am pretty blessed to live in a wood environment where I can go for a swim about 100 metres away in the lake or ocean.

Have you done this?

Wherever I am, most of the time seems to be able to be a surf and a holiday.

For me, it’s a weird feeling, but I’m beginning to get used to it.

While I will do some work for my trading and short-term investing clients making sure they have the right trades and stop losses and targets over the next few weeks and are not alone.

I am not doing what I normally do and working a holiday travel combination.

Do you do that?

Let me know. Are you on holidays, totally when you are on holidays?

I have worked for myself for the past nearly 30 years and consider myself unemployable as I like to speak my truth in what I see without fear or favour or vested interest

Now, over the past 6 or 7 years I have been contemplating a product called “The Great Investor’s Chart Book”, but I never got around to doing it.

The structure is there for a once a month or once a fortnight report on the status of many of the major stocks on a longer term yearly and monthly chart basis.
This gives Super Long term guidance and I do this occasionally for my Profithunters members as I see fot

A> what benefits would you see in this for you?

B> Is there a better way of doing it?

C>  what other problems that you would for see for this?

What my ASX Shares clients get every day are Asset Allocations to equities or to Cash and Fixed Interest For their Self Managed Super Funds  and this could be applied to super funds that are managed by other people who you can change allocations on their websites easily. due to my cycle work. This does not change that often.

Is that something that would be useful as an investor?

Let me know. Using the contact form on the website

I’d love you to let me know

Regards and best wishes

David Hunt





Best Regards,

David Hunt

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