What Good is a Forecast in the Share markets to You?

I am sure you have heard criticisms about Market Forecasts not being useful.

And it makes me wonder why people I know who say “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail” can often be the same people who don’t like Forecasts.

Why do you think that is?

Every year since 1992 I have produced a Stock Market Forecast for the Coming Year for Australian Shares and US Stocks. Many of them, I used to present to Professional Bodies and are therefore a matter of record. So I do forecasts!

I create those Forecasts at the same time of the year as WD Gann used to November for the coming year.

When I started the profithunters group in 2009 at the request of a reader who had seen my market comments and forecasts in the Australian Financial Review I started giving them for my members as part of the service as I helped them invest and trade in Shares, FX and Commodities from Day to day.

So there is a record of all of these on Webinar and on Videos going all the way back.

Over time those Forecast Workshops developed a Strategy Update so that SMSF Owners and Long-term Investors could follow along with the big cycles as I saw them unfolding.

Some of my customers use them as their primary guide in the markets.

Now I hate blowing my own trumpet – it never feels right, and someone will probably attack me for presenting a recent example.

I can show you the video here if you ask of what I was saying when I said it. Just ask.

Below are the conclusions I used Dragon Naturally speaking at the time of the Forecast Webinar to put directly into my power point Presentation on November 29 2021. (I do not edit them so there are a few weird things eg Sander = santa)

It basically mapped out buying Shares and Equity Indices mid-December and selling them 5th of January 2022.

What was the High of the ASX 200 and All Ordinaries Index? Have a look at the chart below.

I am not sure if you think that giving you the time to buy and a day to sell some 35 days in advance would be useful to you?

“Good Morning, ” David you were Spot on with the 5th January 2022 Congratulations!” Spyros D Victoria 8am 31 January 2022


Do you?

Following the Buy timing from my 2021 Forecast worked this time – yes it was a lil tough for a couple of days as the low was December 20 – as did following the Sell timing in my forecast for 2021 – nailed the actual day of the Highest high for the past 4 months

So for me a Forecast is like a Plan – its a road map and then if things change we adjust with Strategy.

It has kept Profithunters in good stead for 13 years now

You can attend Forecast and Strategy Update WorkShops held every 2 weeks on a Monday Night or watch the recording with a transcript by using the following link. The Next is on Monday 30th January

Annual FOrecast for 2022

Let’s work out when and where to buy the Australian Market next

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