Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership Application

A Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership is not suitable for everyone 

A personal interview with David Hunt is necessary to determine if you are  a good fit for the Profit Hunters Group and working closely with David and whether your expectations & needs are coming from the right place.

A PHG Gold Membership involves interacting in the following ways…

  • Live attendance at any or all PHG webinars
  • The ability to ask Questions of David any time of the day or night on the trades you want
  • Membership of Group of Professional Traders, Stockbrokers, SMSF Owners, Financial Planners who are anything but ordinary…. 

If you are interested in being considered for a Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership, would like more information or would like to enquire about corporate packages, please fill in and submit the electronic form below.

NB: David does reserve the right to, and does where necessary, reject unsuitable applicants to make sure the Group is effective and that your personal needs and expectations are being met.  

If you feel you need some more experience before applying for a Full Gold Membership please consider the Silver Membership. 


Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership Application

I understand that trading involves risk of loss and that you can’t tell me how much I could profit from trading or that I won’t lose all of my money.  I have considered this carefully and do not believe in fairy tales!  I also understand that the trades I take or do not take are my choice and my choice only and I take full responsibility for my outcomes and making sure I have stop losses on and do not risk too large a percentage of my capital on any one trade,

    I wish to receive Advice on:

    Computer Literacy:

    Computers I use:

    Warning and Disclaimer

    I have read and understood the Important Information above: