This Week saw Profit Hunters:

  • Us taking Profits on buying (long) XJO ASX 200 All Ordinaries CFDs or SPI Futures Positions from
  • A nice profit take on the Emini S&P Futures in the US..
    You may remember the last email I sent you on 28 March 2023  (as a hint about market direction) where a returning member questioned my statement that the US Market will turn bullish and go up after mid march),

    Below is the PHGtrades Table for the Emini with all trades:

    followed sadly by…

  • Our first losing trade in the S&P 500 Emini Futures for a while – boo hiss!
  • Profit Taking on AGL, LLC Lend Lease, ANZ, Westpac. AGL and LLC really shocked me how strong they were after being rubbish for so long!

  • More open profits from the long Silver futures or CFDs Trade we set up back on March 7th at $20.20 (now at $26.11c) up US$29,525 per comex contract (up 29%)
    Profit Hunters Silver Trade

    Profit Hunters Silver Trade $20.20 to $26


  • The Crypto Currency Report Video Newsletter gave some great trades in Cryptos Like Bitcoin (We were lucky enough to buy down just above AUD$25,000 and its at AUD$45,163 as I write this so its nearly doubled)
  • And for me more recently the smaller cryptos like Matic, Cardano and Ripple. I give guidnace on the trades I am taking throiugh the Crypto Currency Repor Video News Letter every day

    Bitcoin Australian Dollar

    Bitcoin Australian Dollar

  • Crude Oil was the one that got away
  • Lumber has been usual! Easy to predict but fast to trade!
  • The Grains have proven problematic not really going finding their feet – wheat is a classic example!more on Wheat during the forecast. And Cocoa wouldn’t quite get down to our buy levels but is now up to a level where I believe we will get to take advantage of it!
  • While we did have a very good trade on in Gold off the lows which we took profit on a while back Gold Futures and CFDs have been harder to get on on Low Risk Levels
  • PHG member Cindy has been on a tear in the ASX Gold stocks – just focusing on them and she just sent out a message on her trading – just ask me if you are interested in this via
  • After being more interested in buying the US Bonds for quite a while with the odd short we have been putting out new shorts- US Monetary Policy really is a strange bird!
  • For Fund Managers and SMSFs (Self Managed Super Fund managers) we started recommending increasing exposure to shares since 24th March

Does that sound like a lot going on?

If you are an Australian Shares Only Trader or Investor there is an ASX only section. If you are interested in many markets there are trades and Long term Advice in many markets – all you have to do is ask. Forex Hedgers and traders, Commodity Buyers, Sellers, Hedgers or Producers also use my services so ll people get the benefits of their questions.

With all of these great moves its time to deflate the head and get back to my Forecast for Monday Night’s Members and Guests Webinar.
If you actaully read my last email you would have made some money
But should you be taking profits like we have on some of the above positions?
What about shorts? When can we short you may well ask?

The markets have been great since we saw the Great Sillycon Bank Scare of early March. I hope you enjoyed my las email.
Someone told me it was really cheesy.. But.. After that last email hopefully you don’t say I never tell you anything for free!

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