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It’s EASY to know the best Cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and trade at the best prices and get the market timing right using David Hunt’s 100% Independent Professional Bitcoin & Crypto Investing Advice, Support, Technical Analysis, Charts, and Recommendations.

The fact is most people have zero idea as to what is going on and it’s constantly changing!

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Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrencies market is very different to what most people are used to. They are not like the Commodities Markets, Forex Markets, the Australian Share Markets nor the International Futures Contracts that most people are used to trading and even hard-nosed finance professionals find themselves in unfamiliar territory and they get worried!

David Hunt's Crypto Currency Report is The Solution

In highly charged emotional markets that are new and fresh, i.e Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, technical analysis principles work like magic!  

Finding a market that is trending can be an enjoyable experience and the best way to make some money in the markets with reduced risk and increased expectancy!


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Hi David

“Your Hypto Crypto Videos are soooo much better than anything I have seen. 
Great work. 
Is it Nasdaq 1999 already? 
You are a true professional.
Thank you.”

Stephen N
November 26th 2017

“I am just happy to follow your PHG trade recommendations, mostly on the ASX.

You do have enough PHG trades to choose from and I always read the transcript for ASX stocks with your comments to decide if I want to enter a trade.

It is much easier to set  stop losses and profit targets with CFD’s as I can calculate and limit possible losses within my comfort zone.”

Have a great weekend,

Ziggy S.
May 21st 2021

Melbourne VIC Australia