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Have you ever bought a good stock you shouldn’t have at the wrong price and wrong time?

Everything you need is at your fingertips with100% Independent, Professional Expert Technical Analysis, ASX Charts, Recommendations, Support and Advice.

You’ll feel a lot happier when you know what shares to buy and sell and you’ll quickly learn simple strategies to manage the risks and protect your capital.

David makes  it easy, profitable and fun and does in minutes what takes most people hours, days, weeks and even years to understand.

You’ll know what shares to buy and sell (or stay away from) at the best share prices and the right time to be in our out.

Know how much to expect your shares to get up or down to and know the right stop loss to ensure you protect yourself in all your trades so you…

Don’t Get Caught in a Stock Market Crash!

Here's What You Get...
  • LATEST MARKET DEVELOPMENTS:  Learn about what effects or consequences Global, National and or Seasonal market developments may or may not have on the Australian Stock Market.  David discusses the latest market developments and explains why he thinks they may or may not affect the ASX Shares you hold or are interested in.

  • EXPERT TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, ADVICE, CHARTS, AND RECOMMENDATIONS:  David covers the 6 Major ASX Stocks and Indices, including the Big 4 Banks, Top 100 ASX Stocks & Small and Mid-Cap ASX Stocks as well as the stocks his elite professional traders, investors, fund managers and brokers are interested which puts you in the box seat when it comes to the stocks the professionals want to know about.

  • INDIVIDUAL CHARTS: See the individual charts for at approximately 20 to 30 of the above mentioned ASX Shares in every publication.

  • VIDEO RECORDING:  Watch and listen as David performs his expert technical analysis with live charts and explains why he thinks a share is good or bad.

  • TRANSCRIPT:  Read the complete transcript of the video recording, complete with his charts, detailed technical analysis & recommendations on the Long-term and Medium-term timeframes. You’ll also have access to the archives so you can go back any time and review the stock or stocks you are interested in and what David has to say about them at your convenience.

  • RISK MITIGATION STRATEGIES: Know the risks and have sound strategies in place to manage them with common sense, confidence, safety, and control.

Risk Rewards – Judge whether you should be in or out.

Avoidance – Some risks just aren’t worth taking in the first place.

Acceptance – If the risk is low enough, you can decide whether to accept as a cost of doing business

Control – Prevent a risk from occurring or detect a risk after it has occurred.

Management – If the risk is worth taking, adopt a management strategy for that risk.

Entry Levels – Know when to buy in and when to sell out so you get the Market timing just right.

Stop Losses – Protect yourself when a share drops in price.

Potential Price Targets – Project a shares possible profit potential.

  • UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION:  You can be sure you’re being kept up-to-date with regular publications 3 times a week – 46 weeks a year.

Enjoy the benefits of David Hunt’s “Brilliant Trading Mind.”

STOP Holding on in a good share going nowhere or even worse DOWN!


Trade the Australian Stock Market with the same Expert Advice, Technical analysis, Charts and Recommendations on Major ASX Shares and Indices as the Professional Advisors, Fund Managers and Stock Brokers with “Australia’s Top Market Timer” and “Big Call Merchant”, David Hunt.

Having a month of your Investortrade ASX Report (for myself who works FT), I have done the above, and have made more than I earn in my day job in six weeks…

Sharon Leong

8 May 2018

Thank you for all that you have taught me – I have enjoyed it all
immensely and learn’t a lot about trading – and now totally understand
that shares do not go up forever.

I have felt very privileged to be a PHG member a – you do an amazing job
– and it must be very demanding on you.

Thank You Very Much

Yours Sincerely

David Sandeman

May 26, 2019

Hey David,

I’m really enjoying your INVESTorTRADE reports, and getting lots out of them 🙂


Jacqui C

October 5th 2017

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