I am a big believer in knowing what you are getting into before you buy into something.

I have a confession to make – I am actually the worst person in the world at explaining what I do and how I do it and what becoming a member of the Profit Hunter group can do for you.  Yes I am hopeless at that – but I am a Great Chartist and give great support for my PHG members – they tell me that all the time).

Now, I wish that I was a better salesman like many of the people you see on the television and at traders expos who write books and have all the time for that speaking engagements et cetera.

It’s true – yes at my stage in my life I have no desire to magically undergo a personality transplant and become a bright smiley, happy shiny face selling the dream.  Everyday I work with people who are professionals, and managing their own money with a view to making money on their money.

What I do is help people in the markets every day in:

  • what to trade
  • where to get in
  • where to get out and
  • how to manage the trades and themselves

That’s why I put on free webinars so people can learn from me and also learn what I am about for no risk.

But what I do is a bit frightening – it is not for everyone it is for people who want more and have higher standards.

In fact, my PHG Gold members have to go through an application process so I know they are experienced enough to handle all of what they get and can work in a group.

So here as a special free trial I am letting you have access to my ASX Silver membership for 7 days free.

And to filter out spammers and others who would take advantage, as well as to save me and my team administration nightmares, the free subscription is managed via Paypal account and a credit card to verify that you are serious.

If you are not serious about Trading and Investing this is not for you and I can not help you.

So if you are keen and serious then here is your link to join for 14 days Obligation free, charge free, guilt free, gluten free, lactose-free, fee free.

Your card is not charged by me or my team it is charged by Paypal only if you want it to be and do not unsubscribe before 7 days is done. is that fair?

And now when you have subscribed for free let me know if you like it or what can be improved. If you are happy  just let it continue.

Let me know.

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