Annual Forecast Webinars

Once a Year: David takes an in-depth look at the markets for the year ahead.  Follow this yearly road-map and you will gain great insight into the seasonal changes expected in the markets for the coming year. You will learn what to expect and when to expect it to happen. Refer back to this Annual Forecast throughout the year and use it together with the Fortnightly Forecast Strategy Update Webinars to stay ahead of the markets. Trade With David >>Click Here<<

Fortnightly Forecast Strategy Update Webinars

Every Two Weeks: In the Forecast Strategy Update Webinars David continue to reassess strategies in line with the latest market developments as the markets twist and turn over the Medium and Long Term. Trade With David >>Click Here<<

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Three Times A Week: David reviews the Short and Medium Term Outlook and answers questions across all market sectors.  Trade With David >>Click Here<<

PHG Members Questions and Answers

Every Day: Throughout the day David answers questions from his Gold and Platinum Profit Hunter Group members on their personal favourite markets/shares. Silver Profit Hunters Group cannot ask David questions but they can view all Q&As from Davids Gold and Platinum Profit Hunters Group members.  Trade With David >>Click Here<<

Here is what a long term user of David’s forecasts has said…


Based on your long term big picture forecast (webinar), I went 100% shares to cash in my super end of April, in fact on the day it made the high, 29 Apr and I went long ASX shares in my super 100% on 1 July….

I have followed your long term views and big picture trends and my super last year and this year so far are looking great!

Thank you as always for your great insights and calm and accurate assessments of the market mood, trends, time frames and probabilities.


Francois R Sydney Australia

23 July 2014



“I have done this every year since 1994”

 -David Hunt


That’s a Lot of Experience!!!

Let’s Review David Hunt’s Accuracy, Historically, on Previous Annual Forecasts…

This is David’s 2012 Dow Jones Annual Forecast, outlined 12 months in advance, versus the Actual


The first chart is what David said would happen in 2012 (1 year in advance), on live television & radio appearances, as well as for all of his Profit Hunters Group Members on this private website.

The second chart is exactly what happened… Useful isn’t it?

And this David’s 2013 Dow Jones Forecast vs Actual


Again in advance, for 2000 and 1999 David Hunt said…

2000Forecast-1 2000Forecast-2 2000Forecast-3

David Hunt Guides His Profit Hunters Group Members To Recognize When It Is Actually Working To Forecast …

And When It Is Not !