People often ask “What does David do?”

Don’t take our word for it here is what a long term user  of David’s forecast
has said…
On 2014-07-23 02:30, FR… wrote:

” David,
Based on your long term big picture forecast (webinar), I went 100% shares to cash in my super end of Apr in fact on the day it made the high,29 Apr and i went long ASX shares in my super 100% on 1 July….
I have followed your long term views and big picture trends and mysuper last year and this year so far are looking great!

Thank you as always for your great insights and calm and accurate assessments of the market mood, trends, time frames and probabilities.”

Francois R Sydney Australia
23 July 2014″


Here is a quick video that may help you – below it are my forecasts of what the markets could do and what actually happened

.. >><< click video 2mins..

Well every day I hold the hands of

  • traders ,
  • Advisers & Stock Brokers
  • Fund Managers and
  • SMSF Owner and investors

    as they invest trade and advise – doing what they do best. The charts I do, the targets I give them, the protection strategies I give them help them save time and money

– Once a year I do my detailed annual FORECAST like below (for 2014, it was on 2 December 2013) full video recording available.

– Every fortnight, I review the Medium and Long Term Outlook (As markets twist and turn I continue to reassess in the Forecast STRATEGY update webinars)

– 3 times a Week, I review the Short and Medium Term Outlook All markets/shares/Q&As..

– Plus, every day and throughout the day, Q&As from Profit Hunter Group members when I additionally analyse more of their favourite markets/shares

Email19-11-13b Now lets see my accuracy on just these last 2 yearly FORECASTS for the DOW JONES… which I outlined 12 months in advance

  • This is my 2012 Dow Jones Forecast vs Actual.

DowJ(11-12-12)1yrC<< click on chart to enlarge… “This first chart is what I said would happen in 2012 (1 year in advance), on live television & radio appearances, as well as for all of our Profit Hunters Group members on this private website and the second chart is exactly what happened… Useful isn’t it ? and I help guide my Profit Hunters Group members to recognise when it is actually working to forecast and when it is not !!”


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  • And this my 2013 Dow Jones Forecast vs Actual



  • You can get the FULL VIDEO RECORDING of this year’s 2014 FORECAST webinar and see what I outline for the whole of this year >>  <<
    Plus when you buy now you get 1 month’s BRONZE membership to get 4 Webinars Value $392). This will give you strategies and Update this forecast and allowing you to ask David questions at the webinar.

Now I have done this every year since 1994 so that is a bit of experience. Try this one on…


  • Again in advance, for 2000 and 1999 I said…

2000Forecast-1 2000Forecast-2 2000Forecast-3


  • By now you have some idea of what I do and when you decide it is the time NOW – get the FULL VIDEO RECORDING of this year’s 2014 FORECAST webinar and see what I outline for the whole of 2014 >>  << to join as a BRONZE member to access.

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