David Hunt Picks All time High in S&P 500 at Forecast Webinar

On Monday 29 April 2019 David Hunt held his Fortnightly Forecast and Strategy Update Webinar.

On the S&P 500 a great indicator for most US Stock Market Indexes

S&P likes to peak this week usually and then head down”

Here is the Power Point Slide snippet

And here is how it was up til Friday close May 31, 2019, one of the biggest falls of the year

Gold Oct 2012

Click on chart to enlarge

Date: AEDT 8pm 19 December 2013

From the Market Timer who nailed the February 2012 Gold High Live on yorbamedia,com and the October 2012 Top at the Melbourne Traders Expo more>> http://youtu.be/h-HX1s2e6wc

Oh… and he also gave a similar webinar in July 7 showing how to Buy Gold and Gold Shares options – have a look at the Gold Chart after that…

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PS Here is a share that a major investment bank told their customers to “BUY” above $78 in early November – Commonwealth Bank CBA.

So imagine how I felt when.. they all laughed at me on 7 November when I went on the Sky Business News Buy Hold Sell program & said SELL Commonwealth Bank Shares ! Here is what happened since… You be the judge…


click on chart to enlarge

Have you ever bought an ASX share because your broker or advisor told you to buy & then watched it go up? Then, how did it feel when you saw it fall? Sadly, many advisors don’t ever tell you when to sell – that’s why a select number of professional advisors now use my advice to get an edge: & give their customers an extra edge: when to get in when to get out.

Merry Christmas

David Hunt

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Look below here are some of David’s market calls.

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Australia’s First Lady of Technical Analysis Dawn Bolton-Smith says of David Hunt

“I am so impressed by your work.”

“I think you are taking over as Australia’s best analyst.” (22nd November 2013)


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We offer an in-depth look into the mind of leading Australian Market Timer and Technical Analyst – David Hunt, who is a man whose success in predicting investment trends has confirmed his expertise again and again.

Back in 1993 David began releasing financial forecasts in lectures and the media for the very first time. More recently on February 28th, 2012, David urged holders to sell Gold and it fell $100 overnight. He’s called big market turns and guided numerous traders and investors, saving them both time and money. David’s history of accuracy speaks for itself,

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Julie M. . PHG member located in Astana (Kazakhstan)>>> 2mins.


I said Stocks are Set to Dive” referring to the Australian S&P200 Index in Article on 21st April 2010 (Australian Financial Review article) <<< click on Article for details



PHG member Lune Lim of Australian Men’s Living >>> 14 mins.

Listen to an interview & comments from Terry S. Vic >>> 3 mins...


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