PHG GOLD CRYPTO Membership - Annual

PHG GOLD CRYPTO Membership - Annual

GOLD Crypto Currency Membership

Helping You Stay in Front Of the Crypto Market

Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrencies market is very different to what most people are used to. They are not like the Commodities Markets, Forex Markets, the Australian Share Markets nor the International Futures Contracts that most people are used to trading and even hard-nosed finance professionals find themselves in unfamiliar territory and they get worried!  

The fact is most people have zero idea as to what is going on and it's constantly changing!

David Hunt's Crypto Currency Gold Membership is The Solution

In highly charged emotional markets that are new and fresh, i.e Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, technical analysis principles work like magic!  

Not only that, they are probably the only tools that you can use for trading short and medium term rather than investing longer term in these types of coins.

With limited information and in fresh, new freely traded markets, a good chart is your best friend.  And finding a market that is trending can be an enjoyable experience and the best way to make some money in the markets with reduced risk and increased expectancy!

With a good set of technical analysis and charting tools, you have everything you need to manage your known risks while letting trends run. 

Be sure to bank some of the cash at appropriate times but understand that sometimes these markets run a lot further than we can ever imagine so keep some in the kitty for the blue-sky trade!

  • Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Gold

  • Ethereum

  • Dash

  • Litecoin

  • Ripple

  • EOS

  • PLUS many, many more...

Get the Help You Need Today

It's EASY to know the best Cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and trade at the best prices and get the market timing right using David Hunt's 100% Independent Professional Bitcoin & Crypto Investing Advice, Support, Technical Analysis, Charts and Recommendations.

Everything You Need to Know

  • Advice and Recommendations

  • Latest Market Developments

  • Expert Technical Analysis

  • Targets, Timing & Trades

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies

  • Up-to-Date Information

  • Individual Charts

  • Video Recording

  • Transcript

  • 3 X Week

Here’s What Stephen Has To Say ….

Hi David

"Your Hypto Crypto Videos are soooo much better than anything I have seen. 

Great work. 

Is it Nasdaq 1999 already? 

You are a true professional.

Thank you."

Stephen N

November 26th 2017


When starting out in any type of markets, you need to seek out 100% Independent, professional, unbiased, expert advice...

I have seen Crypto Traders charge $5,000 per annum for their long winded services telling you to buy and HOLD Bitcoin...

David Hunt is Not That Guy!

Internationally acclaimed Wealth Adviser, Technical Analyst, Financial Adviser and Sought-After Educator, David Hunt, has taught over 5,000 people on three continents and has been involved in the industry for almost 40 years providing strategies and support for Professional Stock Market Advisers, Stock Brokers, Fund Managers, Corporate Investors and Traders and Self-Managed Super Fund owners JUST LIKE YOU who are serious about building wealth through investing and not just make a living.

If professional advisors, stockbrokers and fund managers use David Hunt's Crypto Advice, then the question really is....

Why Aren’t You?

Trade Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies based on David Hunt’s Charting, Technical Analysis, Trading & Investing Advice.

Suitable for Share Market Traders, Investors, Fund Managers, Financial Planners, Advisors, Brokers and Self-Managed Super Funds.

Ideal if you want to keep track of track of the stocks the professionals are interested in and keep a close eye on the Short Term moves in the markets (daily) as well as Medium to Long Term perspectives (2 weeks to 12+ months) of all the Major Crypto Currencies and YOU WANT OR NEED TO ASK DAVID QUESTIONS YOURSELF!


GOLD CRYPTO CURRENCY PROFIT HUNTERS GROUP MEMBERS get intensive coverage of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, all viewed over the Short, Medium and Long-Term outlook and professional unbiased investing and trading advice which...

  • Projects your profit potential

  • Protects your capital through limiting losses

  • Provides support in times of trouble

1. Attend the Platinum & Gold Members Tri-Weekly Morning Crypto Webinars - Complete With Video Recordings, Transcripts and Charts:   

Value $3,456 pa

2. Live Streaming Crypto Analysis & Trades:  Ask David Your own Crypto questions and access all Posts/Q&As/Trades on every Crypto Currency related enquiry David receives from his Platinum & Gold Members throughout the day. 

Posts/Q&As/Trades:  identify the details of specific Crypto questions coming in from Platinum and Gold Members and Davids’ replies defining what he would do as follows... 

  • Entry at/below $X if Long trade, or no entry at all for the time being

  • First area of expected price resistance/Target price at $X and possibly the exit to be all or partial position

  • Stop-Loss price at $X

This opens up opportunities that our own individual analysis may not have identified. 

Value Priceless $$$ * Not sold separately

Total Value in excess of $4,000+

PLUS Additional Members Benefits & Discounts

All This For Just $2,999

SPECIAL FEATURE: Ask Your Own Crypto Questions and View All Anonymous Platinum & Gold PHG Crypto Questions and Davids Answers To All Of Those Throughout The Day

Pay Monthly:  $288 per month

Pay Annually: $2,999 per year

* Save $497 per year compared to monthly

$1,997.00 for each year


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