Forex & Commodities Forecast & Strategy Update is on for 2018

Are you going to sit there and be frozen like a deer in the headlights? Have you heard that the end of Australia is coming? 

Did you listen to the talking heads saying Iron Ore was going to $20? Instead I called Iron ore higher and PHG Members ignored all of that marketing hype for the time being and got in and bought resources.

You can get a better grip on these markets when you use charts not just fundamentals, a well worn shock and horror marketing formula and a few opinions thrown in.

Join David Hunt and the Profit Hunters Group members

for the Commodities forecast and Forex Strategy update. 

Do you have any shares?? Or do you want like Rob to get in on some Copper shares or Iron Ore or resources Shares? Or do you want Even want to trade commodities themselves? As some of my PHG members do

  • You would like to buy but don't know where or when to buy them or
  • you are troubled by and need a strategy to protect your money or
  • You would to take profits on but don't want to leave money on the table

Send David an email by replying to this and ask your question before 3pm today. Answers will be given tonight live - you will see my charts on your Forex pairs, your commodities and your shares and get my reasons for what I expect. Hear what I say. See what I say and get a feel for what your shares can do.

Busy on The Night - Rather watch a recording? 

No problem just register and you will be sent a log in for the recording so you can choose to watch anytime that suits you.

PS Members can click here and go to the right hand column and chose to register there.

Forex Forecasts

with David Hunt

  • Australian Dollar
  • Euro vs US Dollar
  • US Dollar Index

Commodities Forecasts

with David Hunt

  • Gold
  • Crude Oil
  • Iron Ore
  • Natural Gas

Book now - I'll answer your questions if you get them into me by 5pm today.

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