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Are You Struggling to Manage Your Trades and Investments?


Are You Shuffling to Put Together Advice for Your Clients as Well as Service Them Across All Markets?



What Does a Profit Hunters Gold Membership Mean for You?


David Hunt holds your hand every day as you trade and invest, offering support and expert advice in whatever markets you trade.

What does this really mean for you?

You get professional expert, unbiased investing and trading advice which…

  • Projects your profit potential
  • Protects your capital through limiting losses
  • Provides support in times of trouble

Who Needs a Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership?

A Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership is suitable for serious Traders, Investors, and Professional Planners, Stock Brokers, Advisors and Funds Managers who want their specific questions answered by David within 1 to 2 hours, sometimes instantly!

What’s Included?

  • Markets Forecast & Strategy Update Webinars.  Fortnightly… Register & Attend Free!

Get the prime outlook for the next 2 weeks as well as for the rest of the year for your investments.

This normally costs $197 individually per forecast x 26.

Now you do the maths!

That’s normally $5,000 pa, all included at NO EXTRA COST when you subscribe to a Profit Hunters Gold Membership…

  1. Australian ASX Indices and Shares
  2. International Indices and World Shares
  3. World Commodities
  4. Forex Markets
  • All Morning Speed Webinars – Minimum of 3 per week… Register & Attend Free!

We often trade live during these webinars.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

Individual Speed Webinars are normally valued at $100 each and with a minimum of 3 Speed Webinars per week for a minimum of 46 weeks per year…

You can attend as many Speed Webinars as you want and if you miss them, you have access to the full library to watch replays at any time that’s convenient for you.

All this is included at NO EXTRA COST when you subscribe to a Profit Hunters Gold Membership…

  1. Australian ASX Indices and Shares
  2. International Indices and World Shares
  3. World Commodities
  4. Forex Markets
  • Webinars and Video Recordings

  • Private Advanced Screening of David Hunts Yearly Forecast Webinar – 12 months’ outlook!
  • Market Forecast Strategy Update Webinars – 23 X 4 Market Groups Scheduled Each Year.
  • Elliott Wave Webinars
  • Other Educational Webinars
  • Webinar Transcripts
  • Access To The Complete Library of Webinar & Video Recordings.
  • Viewing for PC users via Windows Media Player and MAC users via Parallels.


  • Ask David your own specific questions or comments (Q&A’s) on any share/market or strategy guideline.
  • Instant access to the latest 20 posts (Q&A’s) initially, then click on either the calendar or in the archives for past posts (Q&A’s).
  • View All Profit Hunters Group Trades.
  • David Hunt’s SMSF Portfolio ASX allocations for SMSF Self-Managed Super Funds.
  • Bull Horns and Bear Paws. Early warnings of changes in trend.
  • Pick the market tops and bottoms.
  • RSS Feed Option.

Here’s What Other Profit Hunters Group Gold Members are saying…

Hi David

Recently I had a good medium term trade with BHP based on some good calls by you.

Brought 29th January 2016 at $15.45 and sold 8th March 2016 at $18.69. 

That’s 20.9% less cost in 39 days.

(Couldn’t get out quick enough at $19.40 which should have been limit my target for now).

Regards Allan

And Here’s Why One Profit Hunters Group Gold Member Left The Group in June 26th 2015.

Hi David

I won’t be renewing my membership next year as my wife & I will be travelling for a good 12 months from August.

I have enjoyed my membership over the past couple of years and have learnt so much from your webinars.

You made some great calls during the year on CBA, FMG & LNG just to name a few which has helped fund our trip and my wife’s spending habits!!!

Thanks again Ray L from Melbourne

How Can You Become a Profit Hunters Group Gold Member?

  • Profit Hunters Group Gold Memberships are by Application Only.
  • There is a waiting list for memberships.
  • You need to apply for the waiting list and be interviewed by David Hunt to determine your suitability.
  • Call David to apply in person 1.300.552.182
  • Or Click Here and get the Profit Hunter Group Gold Membership Application Form

Enquire About A PHG Gold Membership Now

A Profit Hunters Group Gold Membership is perfect if you are trading, investing or advising in the following markets…

  • World Indices
  • US Stock Markets
  • International Shares
  • Forex & Commodities
  • Australian Indices & Shares (ASX),
  • Covering the Short, Medium and Long term outlook

Corporate Rates Are Available Upon Request to Cover Multiple Users!

  • For more information on Corporate Rates please download the application form below
  • or email [email protected]




How Does It all Work?

A Profit Hunters Gold Membership is designed for Traders, Investors, SMSF and Professional Planners, Fund Managers, Advisors and Stock Brokers who wish to ask their own specific market/share questions.

  • Your trading focus would be on all timeframes for the markets you are interested in, Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term Timeframes.
  • First thing in the morning there is normally a Speed Webinar or Post Communication Form where David provides an overview of the Major Markets based on the overnight activity in the US, in which David discusses China, DOW Jones or S&P, All Ords from yesterday and anything else that he deems significant to impact our Stock Market & Stocks (ASX) today.
  • These special Speed Webinars are conducted three times a week, minimum 46 weeks a year and usually start at 8.30am AEST for Profit Hunters Group Members.
  • Whilst we promote a minimum of 3 Speed Webinars per week, David conducts these Speed Webinars almost every day, mostly 5 days per week, and or as market conditions determine.
  • Each Speed Webinar is approximately 60 – 75 minutes duration and is valued at over $3,000 p/a.
  • During the Speed Webinars, David expands on the various markets in detail, defining and showing specific analysis, charts and his expert advice and recommendations.
  • Profit Hunters Group Members get the opportunity to ask questions initially during the Speed Webinar and then progressively throughout the day via the PHG Website to keep you up to speed for the remainder of the day.
  • You can contact David directly with questions about your Shares, Indices, Markets during the Speed Webinars, via the PHG Website, by email or by phone 02 8205 7470 or 1300 552 182.
  • All Profit Hunters Group Speed Webinars are recorded, so if you are unable to watch at 8.30am then you can review later in the day at your convenience.
  • As the day progresses, GOLD & PLATINUM members continue to ask David their daily questions.   All questions and Davids detailed answers are broadcast anonymously to all Gold Members  so you can see other peoples enquiries and keep your finger on the pulse of all the Stocks and Indices the professionals want to know about.
  • During the course of each day, you will be receiving all post updates of the various Shares/Market questions etc and links to all the upcoming Webinars.
  • In Addition, twice each month at NO EXTRA COST there is an “Economic Update Webinar” – Value $2,163 p/a which is usually held on a Monday evening around 8.00pm AEST.

Apply for PHG Gold Membership Today!

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