Profit Hunters Group ASX Silver Membership

SILVER ASX MEMBERS get intensive coverage of Australian Indices & Shares ASX, all viewed over the Short, Medium and Long-Term outlook and professional unbiased investing and trading advice which…

  • Projects your profit potential
  • Protects your capital through limiting losses
  • Provides support in times of trouble

Trade ASX based on David Hunt’s Charting, Technical Analysis, Trading & Investing Advice.

All Ords XAO | ASX200 XJO | Energy XEJ | Materials XMJ | Industrials XNJ | Cons Disc XDJ | Cons Staples XSJ | Health Care XHJ  | Financials XFJ | Info Tech XIJ | Telecom SVC | XTJ Utilities XUJ | Gold Index XGD | Resources XJR | Metals & Mining XMM

Plus many more of your favourite ASX shares…

Suitable for Share Market Traders, Investors, Fund Managers, Financial Planners, Advisors, Brokers and Self-Managed Super Funds.

The Focus is Australian Indices & Shares ASX, all viewed over the Short, Medium and Long-Term outlook.

Ideal if you want to keep track of track of the ASX stocks the professionals are interested in and keep a close eye on the Short Term moves in the Australian Stock Exchange (daily) as well as Medium to Long Term perspectives (2 weeks to 12+ months)  WHEN YOU DO NOT WANT OR NEED TO ASK DAVID QUESTIONS YOURSELF!


1.  Watch The Video Recordings of Platinum & Gold Members Tri-Weekly Morning ASX Webinars: Watch the Video Recordings of morning ASX Webinars with Platinum & Gold Members on Australian Indices & Shares ASX.  Includes Full Written Transcripts, Individual Charts and Video Recordings, available approximately 20 mins after the sessions complete.

Value $2,964 pa

2.  Live Streaming Shares Analysis & Trades:  Posts/Q&As/Trades on every ASX share/market related enquiry David receives from his Platinum & Gold Members are broadcast anonymously, live to all Platinum, Gold, & Silver members.

Posts/Q&As/Trades:  identify the details of specific questions coming in from Platinum and Gold Members and Davids’ replies defining what he would do as follows…

  • Entry at/below $X if Long trade, or no entry at all for the time being
  • First area of expected price resistance/Target price at $X and possibly the exit to be all or partial position
  • Stop-Loss price at $X

This opens up opportunities that our own individual analysis may not have identified.

Value Priceless $$$ *Not sold separately

3.  ASX Trades Table: Includes Asset Allocations of Shares versus Cash Exposure in Self-Managed Super Funds.

  • Genuine Actionable Trading Signals
  • Entries & Exits
  • Profit Targets
  • Buys & Sells to Short
  • Trade Management
  • Profit Management
  • Stop Losses
  • Position Size Recommendations as a Percentage of Your Normal Position
  • Updated 3 times per week
  • Generally about 10 to 13 trades per week on average

Value $1,164

Silver ASX Membership Total Value In Excess of $4,000+ 

PLUS Additional Members Benefits & Discounts

Plus…  BONUS     

Full Bronze Video & Webainar Membership 

Total Value $3,000+ pa

Yours FREE with a Silver ASX Membership


1. Yearly Forecast Webinar:  Attend the webinar & access recordings of David’s 12-Months outlook.  Released in November/early December so you know what to expect for the coming year.  Timings and Cycles and Markets to watch!

Value $297 pa

2. Fortnightly Market Forecast & Strategy Update Webinars: Attend the webinars & access recordings of David’s Fortnightly Strategy Update Webinars where he discusses the outlook and identifies those opportunities which fit with his Forecast and also those critical variations.  Ask David Long Term questions about your own Shares, Forex Pairs, Stocks Futures or Commodities trades at the Forecasting Webinars.

Value $2,497 pa 

4 Market Groups 

*  Australian ASX Indices & Shares

*  World Indices & Shares

*  World Commodities

*  FOREX Markets

Scheduled Fortnightly – Weekly Alternating:This means you can adjust and time your Equity Allocations and Long-Term Investments & trades. 

1.  Questions With Notice:  Send in your questions before the webinar for answers during the Webinar

2.  During the Webinar:  David will throw open the webinar for questions in the following categories…

BTC: Bank The Cash – Investments, trades and shares you are making profits on and will want to bank the cash or take profits.  Find out where and when and how to take profit and manage the position with stop losses so that you milk the move for as much as you can.

BOYD: Bring Out Your Dead – Investments, trades and shares you are losing money on and want an exit strategy or a strategy to manage out of the losses.

BOYB: Back On Your Bikes – Investments, trades and shares where you have taken profit but want to get back in because you have had a good move and wanted to continue.

Plus… Full Video Library Access to past recordings of the Fortnightly Forecast Strategy Update Webinars, the 12-Month Annual Forecast which have been conducted over the last 18+ months.

Value Priceless $$$

Plus…  Attend Other Evening & Educational Webinar Sessions.

Value Priceless $$$

Plus…  Full Video Library Access to recordings of all other Evening & Educational Webinar Sessions.

Value Priceless $$$

Plus… Elliott Wave Webinars & Recordings: 

Value $27 

Plus… Art of Stop Loss Webinar: 

Value $97

Bronze Membership Total Value $3,000+ pa



Re: Profit Hunter Group Trades

“I do better with taking your trades than I do with mine, so that’s why I’m a stickler with the missing phg trades”

Ronny M
Melbourne Vic 27 October 2017

Re: Australia & New Zealand Bank ANZ.ASX Bear Paw Warnings

“David, Well, congratulations, you got this correct, as well as the Wesfarmers, you just need another one, to get the triple whammy applause. excellent.”

K.P. Melbourne 26 October 2017

“I am just happy to follow your PHG trade recommendations,mostly on the ASX.

You do have enough PHG trades to choose from and I always read the
transcript for ASX stocks with your comments to decide if I want to enter a trade.

It is much easier to set stop losses and profit targets with CFD’s as I can calculate and limit possible losses within my comfort zone.”

Have a great weekend,
Ziggy S.
May 21st 2021
Melbourne VIC Australia

In Summary… 


Value Plus – SAVE $$$

Profit Hunters Group Silver ASX Membership Includes…

Silver ASX Membership   Value $4,000+

Bronze Membership Value $3,000+

Total Combined Annual Value in Excess of $7,000+ 

PLUS Additional Members Benefits & Discounts

All This For Just $3,497

Special Feature – View All Anonymous ASX Questions and Davids Answers To All Of Those Throughout The Day

Monthly Membership $297 per month

No Lock in Contract – Free to cancel any time

Comes with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Annual Membership $3,497 per year

* Save $67 per year compared to the cost of a Monthly Subscription


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