The Profit Hunters Group Memberships

There are 3 primary types of membership – Click on each link below for full details

.Professional Financial Advice

PHG GOLD Memberships is for Active

PHG Gold Membership gives full membership site access for you to ask David about any market any time and attend the live webinars and a whole lot more. You may also choose to focus on ASX Shares. They also see the answers for other members.

PHG Gold Membership  is by application & interview with David Hunt only. Call 1.300.552.182 & ask Nigel for more information. or click here for more info

ASX Australian Shares




Who want to get the information Gold Members get from the recorded webinars, membership site posts and transcripts of the webinars as well as PHGTrades.

You can get Full Silver membership covers ASX Shares International Stocks, Commodities, & Forex

Membership is available for purchase monthly or annually (and save). get more information here>>

SMSF Advice





PHG BRONZE Membership is for

Who want to hold positions for the longer term and be guided by the Cycles and Technical Analysis David Hunt provides.

Memberships are available monthly and annually (for savings) get more information here>>


In this Profit Hunters (PHG) membership web site:

  • I reveal everyday, for people just like you, the  investing & trading opportunities in the ASX & from all the world markets every day, for you (our PHG members).

  • I provide solutions to the problems that people like you face every day when investing and trading.

  • I answer your questions about your  markets when you want!

Based on overnight activities, major market trends, inquiries from PHG members & over 30 years of experience, my analysis defines the PRICE where I would buy or sell any nominated Share, Index, FX, Commodity, as either an outright purchase of Shares (ASX or World markets), Futures contract, Option, CFD or ETF. All assessed over the long, medium or short term.

Not only do I identify the ENTRY price, but also the STOP LOSS price and my first expected profit TARGET level. I then share these with all PHG members !!


There are 3 primary types of membership – Click on each link below for full details

And also, designed around “YOUR ASX Market Interest” there is this separate additional  Market Group membership ASX – Australian Indices/Sectors/Shares

You can review these 3 memberships….. The Market Groups & a bit about DAVID HUNT by…

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  • place your mouse over the *Memberships tab in the main menu up top

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If  you are an active investor,  trader or Professional Advisor who wants to see, hear feel and touch the markets everyday then consider the Gold Membership.


ASX Australian Shares

SMSF Advice




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