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David Hunt is an Independent Stock Market Expert and Authority,  Professional Technical Analyst, Chartist and Highly Regarded Industry “Advisor to the Advisors” with an Economics and Finance background spanning over 35 years.

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Profit Hunters Group is a Membership Site where Stock Market Advisors, Planners, Brokers, Investors, Traders and Self Managed Super Funds can access Expert Stock Market Authority, David Hunt’s personal Technical Analysis, Charts, and Stock Market Training, Support, Advice and Recommendations across all Market Sectors Via The Various Profit Hunters Group Membership options.

Hunting for Profitable Shares & Futures and Investing & Trading Opportunities Across All Markets

David Hunt is in his element analysing and trading the markets and guiding his Profit Hunters Group skillfully with his “Brilliant Trading Mind”, his 100% independent, expert technical analysis, charts, education, advice, support and recommendations so they can invest profitably with common sense, safety and control.  He truly is a master in his field.

About David Hunt…

  • David Hunt is Australia’s Top Market Timer and Australia’s Leading Technical Analyst & Chartist.  David has been quoted as being “A Walking Ecnylopedia of Trading Knowledge”  (Famous International Trader – Larry Williams) and “The 3rd best Market Timer in the World.”   (Australia’s Grand Old Lady of Technical Analaysis – The Late Dawn Bolton-Smith)
  • What is unique about David is his ability to help Short, Medium and Long term Investors, Advisers, Planners, Fund Managers, Stock Brokers as well as Traders and Self-Manged Super Funds manage their own investments and trades with common sense, confidence and control.
  • As well as his favourite, the ASX shares, you can get advice from David all around the world – David Hunt analyses & gives advice on all World Markets & Shares, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to his Profit Hunters Group Members in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Europe and Asia.

BE WARNED! David’s views are often contrary to the general opinions voiced across the media, regarding the direction of the major Markets & Shares.

  • David Hunt’s success and defined opinions are highly regarded by the professionals in the industry due to his accuracy.
  • Speaker at the International Federation of Technical Analysts ( IFTA) 2013 conference San Francisco, USA
  • Popular Presenter on the Sky TV program “Your Money Your Call”,  Business Channel 602
  • Co Founder of Australian Technical Analysts Association &  past Vice President
  • Past President of Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association
  • B Comm (Hons) M Comm UNSW
  • Created for the Australian Securities Institute “The Gann Analysis” Curriculum.
  • Proprietary Trader for Macquarie Bank
  • Forex Treasury Manager for Qantas
  • 35 Years Trading Experience in Forex, Options, Futures, Shares (ASX & Intel.) & CFDs.
  • David is often referred to as “The Advisor to the Advisors”
  • David Hunt, also known as the “Bell Ringer” by the Australian Financial Review
  • CEO and Chariman of Adest Trading Pty Ltd.

Market Timing To Perfection

Example 1.

Example 2.

CWN.ASX Short Term-Medium Term-Long Term. 

“Hit your target.


SamC on Comments ASX

Example 3.

Here is a trade in LNG.ASX David Hunts Profit Hunters Group members have enjoyed since it was in the 70 cents zone…

LNG.ASX Long Short Term

“Two days ago we were talking about the 1.93 be surpassed, now it nudging 2.60; do you have any ST tgts for this stock. I have taken profit along the way so not complaining at all. However, I still have a hand full going along for the ride. Good work Guru

Cheers big ears”

Mr B, South Australia. 19 June 2014

And here is the culmination of that trade…

“Only two weeks ago in LNG.asx  

Just a heads up on a recent trade that was timed to perfection.

Taking your advice I sold my LNG on its high and made a slick 40K profit; good advice and I as you say “banked the cash”.  I often share your advice with my old man, and he was stoked when he banked 695K profit when selling LNG at its culminating point – yes nearly $700,000. 

The old man being an investor who really hates taking profit until the company is taken over, was not going to sell, however, I told him my strategy and showed him what you taught us at the Profit Hunters Webinar the potential retracement levels and the reasons why you said it was in trouble.

I asked him to at least remove his initial investment and let the rest ride, and to my shock he sold the lot five cents short of its culminating point – yes 5 cents off the ACTUAL TOP at $4.49 (exit $4.44) , hence, making nearly 700K profit. (Update its now at $2.98 – been down to $2.40 – some $1.50 off its highs)

I asked him why he sold the lot and he replied, ‘well if David stated it will probably slip backwards and it’s run out of puff, so I took off my bull horns and sold the lot”.    

David you have definitely got the old man’s attention and my inheritance is looking very sound.

So there you go, timing to perfection, spot on once again.”






Sargent Major (retired) Chris Baker, OAM,

South Australia 10 Oct 2014

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