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Excuse my crudeness but YOU ARE A F%$^&ING GENIUS!!!
Call on A2M A2 Milk spot on. Thank God I asked and listened to you.Truly you display brilliance so often it is wonderful…..Keep at it and THANK YOU. XX”Julie M Melb VIC
2016/08/24 at 10:45 am




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Can You Tell what the Market will do? Learn Powerful Charting Techniques Can


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David Hunt holds your hand as you trade and invest

  • Manage funds for their customers
  • Manage their Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Advise their clients in what shares to buy and sell—————————-Why not join David’s next Free Live Chartists Educational Event?It is easy – just obligation register at http://adest.com.au/free-webinar and you will be sent everything you need.

Why Does David Do What he does for his Members?

Why Does David Do What he does for his Members?

Before & during the GFC share meltdown, David was on the Sky Business YMYC program working to install good risk control into the viewers’ minds.

At the start of the fall, many fundamental analysts were saying “buy more shares”.

David tried to help viewers by giving them well placed stop losses to protect their capital.

“I saw and heard many horror stories from investors and traders during the GFC. I feel their pain. I now work with traders, investors, financial planners, stock brokers and fund managers to improve their Trades, Targets and Timing whilst protecting capital and gaining blue sky opportunity.”

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) trustees trust David Hunt for his asset allocation and advice on which Australian shares to buy every day. Many professional financial advisers, stockbrokers and financial planners listen to David Hunt’s live morning Aust ASX stock strategies to help give advice for both their investing & trading customers. Through the PHG David Hunt holds advisers, investors & traders hands in the Australian Market.

Who are Profit Hunter Group Members?

Who are Profit Hunter Group Members?

  • Traders and investors in ASX Shares or ASX CFDs or Indexes,
  • Fund Managers
  • Professional Financial Advisors ie Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, Wealth Managers He has been called “Advisor to the Advisors” by Australian Men’s Living Magazine
  • Long term investors in the Australian share market
  • SMSF Self-Managed Super Fund Owners

So PHG Members are anyone for which share market volatility is a threat to & a creator of wealth. Yes there is a plus side! Positive volatility enhances wealth. “Hi David Sorry for asking so many questions – just so many opportunities atthe moment. I check all the old posts first before asking. It’s great being able to do this. TBT and JO have been great for me. Buying prices spot on – and your target selling prices have been a great guides for selling.” Arthur S Sydney 5.41 pm June 13 2014 We would love to know what you want in your ASX Share investments, trading and advice. Nigel is on hand to take your call on 1.300.552.182. Let him know what you need and How David Hunt could help you. NOTE!  David named 2011 as the Year of the Investor stating  “buy and hold would work” – most other commentators were bearish on shares.

  • David Hunt nailed the market live on TV on 4th October 2011 as “the bottom, get ready to buy and invest”.   “buy and Hold will work”
  • He termed 2012 the Year of the Broker – and yes even brokers got their jobs back & brokerage firms stock prices rocketed!

Would you like to know what he calls the year 2014? At the end of the year PHG’s Chief Strategist David Hunt makes a forecast for the coming year. David has just completed exhaustive research and study for his 2014 Stock Market Forecasts for Australian Shares & World Equities. And now you can get a glimpse of the future of 2014 on Video right now. Have a look at his US Market forecast for 2013 and its results on the graphic below are the Forecast vs Actual for 2013. In early 2013 David Hunt spelled out clearly on Switzer Foxtel 602 – “no sell in May go away”!


Well what do you think? Simply contact us for this year’s Australian Share Market forecast! learn  more>>



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