“Will Australian Stock Exchange share prices go up in 2014?”

What is the ASX Sharemarket Forecast for 2014?

Do you buy ASX shares? If you invest in Australian stocks or sell ASX shares for stock trading – you’re just like many members of David Hunt’s Profit Hunter Group (PHG). PHG members everyday & watch to his views on what is a good ASX listed companies to buy and which are bad listed Australian shares that they should sell.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) trustees also trust David Hunt for his asset allocation and advice on which Australian shares to buy every day. Many professional financial advisers stockbrokers and financial planners listen to David Hunt’s live morning Aust ASX stock strategies to help give advice for both their investing & trading customers. Through PHG David Hunt holds advisers, investors & traders hands in the Australian Market.

If you indulge in some Australian share trading or a long term investor in Australian share market, run a SMSF Self Managed Super Fund or trade ASX CFDs:  Share market volatility is an ever present threat to your wealth. Have you asked: What shares to invest in 2014? What shares to buy in 2014? Which shares to sell in 2014?

WARNING!: Expect Greater Volatility this year. David named 2011 as the Year of the Investor stating  “buy and hold would work” – most other commentators were bearish shares. David Hunt nailed the David live on TV of 4 October 2011 as “the bottom get ready to buy and invest”.  He termed 2013 the Year of the Broker – and yes even brokers got their  jobs back & brokerage firms stock prices rocketed! Would you like to know what he calls the year 2014?

At the end of the year PHG’s Chief Strategist David Hunt makes a forecast for the coming year. He has just completed exhaustive research and study for his 2014 Stock Market Forecasts for Australian Shares & World Equities.

And now you can get a glimpse of the future of 2014 on Video right now. Now have a look at his US Market forecast for 2013 and its results. On the graphic below is the Forecast vs actual for 2013. In early 2013 David Hunt spelled clearly out on Switzer Foxtel 602 – “no sell in May go away”!


Well what do you think? Simply contact us for the Australian Share Market 2013 forecast!

Can you see how it would feel to have heard this forecast in December 2012 and set your investment strategy for 2013?

Profit Hunters Group (PHG) Members with the status of Gold, Silver and Bronze receive the Coming Year’s Forecast as a bonus in their membership.

With over 30 years experience in Financial Markets investing and trading shares and after 20 years of making forecasts like the 2013 Forecast you have seen these forecasts can be very powerful in the right hands so…..

David has agreed to release a limited number of 2014 Forecast Videos to non PHG Members. So if you are not yet a PHG member you better order your own forecast now before the closing date of 31 January 2014 or before the only 100 63 Videos are sold.

*** How to order yours now and you can start watching it. Order now at >> http://profithunters.com.au/amember/cart

David,  Your straight shooting style is  very accurate and entertaining.

Your very honest in your interpretation of events and helpful in so much as many traders attempting to protect their many years of savings will find.


January 1 2014


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